Proviso East Asst. Principal Suspended, Described as a ‘Bully’ by Co-workers

Screenshot 2014-10-22 at 10.20.12 AMWednesday, October 22, 2014 || Originally Published: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 by the Forest Park Review || By Jean Lotus, Editor

Lawsuit accuses Lang of retaliatory firing of Proviso East security manager

Proviso East Assistant Principal for Educational Services Kisha Lang is still an employee of Proviso District 209, but she is on suspension. The Proviso Township High School Board voted to table the termination of an administrator, identified only by number, at the Oct. 15 board meeting. Students, teachers and her husband all encouraged the board to hold off on firing Lang at the meeting. 

The former Chicago Public School turnaround administrator was brought on board in 2011 to help raise test scores and standardize the curriculum. But Lang’s management style has rubbed some the wrong way.

Lang was criticized and labeled a “bully” during public comments at D209 board meetings. She was named in an April 11 lawsuit against the district for retaliatory discharge by a PEHS security guard. 

In his April 2014 lawsuit, fired Proviso East Security Manager Robert Taylor accused Lang of using employees to perform personal errands. Taylor said he was fired in retaliation after he informed the principal and others about what Lang was allegedly doing.

In February, Proviso East cheerleaders tearfully told the board of education that Lang had threatened them with arrest if they did not cheer at a Proviso West basketball game, Feb. 8. The girls said they refused to cheer in support of their suspended coach, Launa “C.C.” Mobley, who had been escorted out of the building shortly beforehand. Mobley was under investigation for allegedly shoving a student, but her termination was cancelled by the board. One student said Lang threatened her with a 10-day suspension if she did not board a bus.

More recently, at the Sept. 16 board meeting, veteran Proviso East Math teacher Clotilde Frankiewicz, a former interim and assistant principal at Proviso Math and Science Academy, told the board she formally filed two complaints against an unnamed administrator at Proviso East whom she claimed had “done a breach of board policy 7.20 — intimidation, bullying and harassing” and who “has made no effort to be sympathetic with students about the confusion with their schedules.”


Operation Uplift

Lang came to Proviso East in 2011 from the Chicago Public Schools, where she served as a turnaround administrator at Orr Academy High School. 

She helped state Senator Kimberly Lightford at Lightford’s Saturday University in Westchester, an eight-month tutoring program for middle-school students, many of whom will feed into D209 for high school. 

“It was my understanding Proviso East hired her for her experience with turnaround-school initiatives,” Lightford said.

“When change is implemented, there’s always controversy, especially if there’s significant change,” Lightford added. “I’m not sure if Ms. Lang’s approach was welcomed by her peers and the colleagues she managed.”

Lang graduated with a master’s degree in education from Concordia University and is working on a PhD in Educational Leadership and Administration from Capella University, according to her Linked-In profile. Lang’s salary was $120,530 in the 2013-14 school year.

Lang’s name and phone number are no longer listed on the Proviso East website staff list. The position of assistant principal for educational services is listed as vacant on the district’s website. VFP

Michael Romain contributed to this article. 

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8 thoughts on “Proviso East Asst. Principal Suspended, Described as a ‘Bully’ by Co-workers

  1. Yes, she tried that bully tactic with my son. When he informed me and I immediately confronted her she began to lie. Once I told her she was a liar she knew then that I wasn’t going to tolerate her unprofessional actions.

  2. I have worked under her! She’s a bully. If you want to do something the right way and by the books but it isn’t here way – FORGET ABOUT IT! She will make your life a living hell. She will get her “groupies” to always do as she asks and then you end up looking like the bad one because you wouldn’t follow suit. She’s rude to parents, teachers, coaches, & students. She does whatever and Valente is afraid of her! They all need to be GONE!! The students are the least of my worries most days!!!

    1. You’re so right. I went there all four years and graduated class of 13. I remember she wouldn’t let me leave to go to my college course with dual credit. She tried to suspend me because I wouldn’t do what she said (which was in fact, not attending my college course).She She is quite condescending in nature towards those who she should speak to on the same level. She preaches about education and the community but doesn’t do anything or does little to nothing to back it up. She even did this ACT program for the kids that scored high on the plan and explore tests. I was one of those kids, but did not go because I knew it was unfair to the ones that truly needed it. As an alumni, an academic, and a person just like anyone else, I’m outraged that a person like her is allowed to get away with the horrible things she does. As time passed by, I noticed as more people started losing respect for her and her credibility was steadily deteriorating. I hope she has her position terminated, because someone like her doesn’t deserve to “help” children in any kind of way she seems as reasonable.

  3. It is really interesting how we want change, to move forward in the hiring of change agents and transformation specialist then as Senator Lightford mentioned in her comment, have a hard time accepting that change means different. As a life long resident of Dist. 209 it amazes me how the lively hood of individuals are so easily kicked around in the game of political football. I have observed what has happened in district 88,89 and 209 not only at the expense of our children but also too key administrators and teachers who actually were stellar in their performances being made public spectacles and eventually terminated. It’s not about her performance or are children. I can recall personal threats from the deans, paraprofessional and teacher at proviso when we were students, that were made for our own good, i dont recall those individuals being second guessed on their tatics. Personally i think it is wise to look at why certain actions are being recommended. If more of the community actually attended the board meetings and paid attention to the agenda, including whose being hired you would find the culprit and strategy behind some of the board activity. Herein lies the “White Elephant” Boards not doing what they really should be doing because the organic stake holders (parents) that should monitor their actions dont come to the meetings, therefore they take liberty to make decisions and micro manage the true professionals, who in fact in many cases have much more expereince education to do the job. Any sight challenged individual can see whats behind this. Personally, I find it interesting when an Educated, (Doctoral Candidate) strong, assertive Black female employs the same traditional styles of management, she is labled a bully. Why isnt it being reported what she has done for the school, how she spends time away from you husband and child to advance the mission of the the school and advocate for children that some want to throw under the bus or to the penal system. Wake up people and stop allowing yourself to be pawned or pimped by miss information and nepotism. You couldnt pay me enough to work in the community that i once loved so dearly. Let me reframe that, I will work grass roots as a nonpartisan, in other ways but never get on the payroll and lose my voice under threat of termination. “If you dont pay me you cant play me”. In closing lets not sit by watch anothe person be unjustifiably let go, only to understaffed and lose a highly qualified person to another school system, not to mention the legal ramifications and cost to the tax payers.

  4. I went to Orr Academy and im a graduate of 2011 and she was our asst. Principal she sure was a damn bully suspending students for no reason at all then and then suspending them for too long at that but my whole class hated her because she was to damn mean and arrogant

  5. Thank God somebody reported her !!!!!!! She was such a bully wearing mini dresses flirting with teachers and all. It’s crazy how when parents came to the school her whole demeanor had changed but as soon as the parents left she turned into a little bully but she knew never to try that with me. Good thing I graduated last year.

  6. It’s unfortunate people bring up the negatives. What about bringing programs that supported our students, BAM, WOW, bridges with District 89, Saturday Schools, Act Prep courses. It’s a shame since she left, race riots, a Principal who knows nothing, a board who is politically controlled by Chris Welch and students African American being expelled daily. Pipeline to Prison is real at Proviso. You kept a Cheerleading coach who made racial remarks, and slapped kids. All she did was stop teachers from putting kids out of classrooms for not having supplies or out of uniform. Holding teachers accountable to teach! Shame 902.

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