BREAKING: Maywood Park District Police Chief Ingram Resigns

Jesse IngramSaturday, January 3, 2015 || By Michael Romain || Updated: 7:02 PM

Maywood Park District Police Chief Jesse FX Ingram has resigned, according to Bill Hampton, president of the park district’s board of commissioners. Although Hampton didn’t specify when precisely the resignation was effective, he indicated that Ingram’s decision happened recently.

Ingram himself confirmed that he had resigned due to “philosophical differences” with several park commissioners. He wouldn’t go into specifics.

Hampton wouldn’t comment on the specific cause of Ingram’s resignation either, opting to wait until he was able to speak with the park district’s executive director, Lawrence Broughton, who wasn’t available for comment.

Ingram oversaw a force of nine, according to his count; seven of his men were certified police officers and two  were basically security guards.

The decision may come as a surprise considering as recently as November 2014, he had reported that, after decades marred by corruption, the park police had finally achieved certification with the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standard Board (ILETSB).

At the time, Ingram noted that the certification is accompanied by regular training, which entails compliance with basic policing standards, such as ensuring that employees pass background checks.

Ingram said that the rudimentary milestone may have been such a long time coming because of past neglect and a basic “misunderstanding about what it took to be qualified,” among the park police’s previous leaders.

“I wouldn’t say it was an intended act, but there was definitely neglect. They didn’t read [enough] nor did they request assistance from the state to make sure it was right. I just read the whole manual and then called and followed up on what I read and what [the Board] suggested. You can go online and find the manual,” he said in a November interview with the Village Free Press.

So far, there’s been no word yet on who the park commission has in mind to replace him. VFP

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Maywood Park District Police Chief Ingram Resigns

  1. Sad to hear about Chief Ingrams decision of resigning. I have seen the park district come along way. And feel that Cheif Ingram had done an outstanding job cleaning the park district up. I wish he would reconsider and find ways of resolving issues with other commissioners of the district’s. Awesome job Jesse. We’ll miss you.

  2. A good “stand-up” guy, all around….Known him since H.S. days @P.E.; sounds like a “gut instinctive”. “Integrity” and “Service before Self”is lacking more and more with Villages/Committee, etc., nowadays. Its mos’ definitely not the same town WE grew up in; think he knows this, as well. Just look around….Some people STILL don’t get IT.

    1. Mark, read the other three comments. Then go back in your shadow. Only real people with real knowledge allowed. Peace to you and your family.

  3. He’s an awesome person and has always been there for the Nellums family. Unlike many officers who don’t do their jobs and thinks everyone are trouble makers, he definitely had a devine purpose in the force when it comes to Maywood. It’s sad to hear he won’t be there anymore.

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