Two More Maywood Trustee Candidates Challenged; Three Challenged in School D89 and D209 Races

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015 || By Michael Romain || Updated: 3:27 AM

Two more candidates vying to fill the three contested seats on the Maywood Board of Trustee are facing challenges to their campaigns.

Isiah Brandon (pictured above left) and Marcius Scaggs (above right), both of whom are running on a three-person slate that also includes Chase Moore, were challenged by Atrayule Perkins, a resident of Maywood. Both candidates strongly suspect the Perkins challenge to be the workings of their main opposition — the three-person ticket comprising former Maywood mayor Henderson Yarbrough, Sr., outgoing District 209 Board member Readith Ester and sitting trustee Ron Rivers.

The candidacies of all three of those individuals were unsuccessfully challenged last month by Darius Johnson, who may have been recruited by former Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore, the main force behind the Brandon, Scaggs and Moore ticket–Chase Moore is the former Recorder’s grandson.

Whereas Yarbrough, Henderson and Rivers were all challenged based on the claim that they each owed outstanding debts to the village; Brandon and Scaggs were both challenged based on the claim that neither lives at the residency at which he is required to vote. In addition, the challenger also claims that Brandon turned in an excessive number of petition signatures.

Brandon, who said he collected between 500 and 600 signatures, noted that, based on what he read in the election code, he wasn’t aware that there was a maximum number of signatures candidates could collect. He said he only knew about the minimum.

For his part, Scaggs said he was confident that he and Brandon would survive the challenge, insisting that he’s lived at the same house for at least the past three elections.

“I knew this was coming, but I’m confident we’ll be okay,” Scaggs said.

The local electoral board hearing for both Scaggs and Brandon is scheduled for Wednesday, January 7, 2 PM, at Village Chambers, 125 S. 5th Avenue, Maywood, IL.

 Two challenged in D89 race

Two candidates running for District 89 School Board — Rolando Villegas of Melrose Park and Damien Harvey of Maywood — both face challenges filed by Carlos Esteban Rojas of Melrose Park. Villegas is said to have been recruited to run by District 209 Board member Theresa Kelly, who herself is running with a slate that includes Forest Parkers Nathan Wagner and Claudia Medina. Rojas, according to a source, may have once been employed by the Village of Melrose Park and may be connected to incumbents on the District 89 Board who are allied with Melrose Park Mayor Ronald Serpico.

Rojas claims that the nomination papers of both Villegas and Harvey contain “the names of persons, as petitioners, who are not duly registered as voters at the addresses shown opposite their respective names,” according to the case file; contain illegible or incomplete addresses; and contain less than the minimum of 50 validly “collected and presented signatures of qualified and duly registered legal voters” of District 89, among other claims.

Villegas and Harvey both have hearings scheduled for January 7, 12 PM, at the Cook County Board of Elections, 69 W. Washington.

One challenged in D209 Race

By Nick Samuel & Jean Lotus, Editor|| Forest Park Review || Originally Published: 1/5/15

A Maywood resident challenged the nominating papers of Cheryl Anderson, a candidate in the Proviso Township High School District 209 school board race. Antoinette Gray, an insurance agent and failed candidate for 7th District State Rep. asserted Anderson neglected to submit a statement of economic interest.

The Cook County Electoral Board will hold a hearing on the candidate challenge on Wednesday, Jan. 7 at the County Clerk’s Office.

Gray herself was thrown off the ballot in the 2014 primary race for 7th Dist. State Rep after the electoral board hearing officer ruled she had not established official residency in the 7th District two years prior to filing for candidacy. Gray was not available at press time for comment on the challenge.

Anderson is a Melrose Park Library trustee and former juvenile protection officer. She was recognized by Judge Stuart Paul Katz in 2010 for sending the most kids to college while working as a juvenile protection officer in Englewood.

Anderson, of Melrose Park, currently serves as a substitute teacher for Oak Park Elementary School District 97 and School District 89, which includes Maywood, Melrose Park and Broadview.

Before the challenge, Anderson said her campaign focus would be vocational training programs in D209 schools. She said unemployed craftsmen can be paid to teach a skill or trade at the schools.

“We would be giving employment to unemployed people to teach a group of people a skill,” Anderson said.

If she stays on the ballot and is elected, Anderson said she would reach out to all of the mayors in the district’s ten villages and most of the pastors in the community to brainstorm solutions for students in D209 to become successful.

She also said she wants more focus on the students and less attention on big employee salaries.

“If you’re ok with the current educational status of kids in D209 then maybe you shouldn’t be in office. It’s time for a change,” Anderson said in December. “We have to get past the barriers of why kids don’t want to come to school anymore. Our schools in D209 shouldn’t be an automatic feeding system to our jails.”

The candidate said she previously lived in Oak Park for 20 years and that the values in the educational system there aren’t the same as it is in Maywood.

Anderson said her campaign was a family affair. She and her two sons, Khirey and Jelani Floyd, have all performed substitute teaching at Proviso East High School. Both sons aspire to become attorneys, with Khirey finishing a first year at Chicago Kent School of Law.

“We’ve got to do better and make having set goals popular in the community. It’s not right because you grew up in Maywood that your chances to be successful isn’t as high as anyone else,” said Khirey, who graduated from Oak Park River Forest High School in 2008. “I can’t forget where I came from. We’re really a community and a family. We have to help each other out; that’s what is most important.”

Anderson did not return calls, texts or emails for comment. VFP

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  1. As I look at the challenge(s); it is not for too many signatures its for not being registered at the address on the nominating documents.

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