Isiah Brandon, Henderson Yarbrough Tops in Votes for Maywood Trustee

Isiah BrandonTuesday, April 7, 2015 || By Michael Romain 

With 16 of 17 precincts reporting, Isiah Brandon (pictured) leads the field of eleven candidates vying for three seats on the Maywood Board of Trustees. Brandon has garnered 938 votes, or 14.82 percent of the vote total. Former mayor Henderson Yarbrough is close behind him, with 829 votes, or 13.09 percent of the total. Ronald Rivers and Chase Moore are battling for the remaining board seat. Rivers leads Moore by just five votes — 816 to 811. Voter turnout in the village has hovered around 16 percent so far, a level consistent with turnout levels across Cook County. For more results, click hereVFP

7 thoughts on “Isiah Brandon, Henderson Yarbrough Tops in Votes for Maywood Trustee

  1. It’s unfortunate that Yarbrough got back in, but now he has the opportunity to clean up the the mess he has made.

  2. Since when is it OK for a candidate to also be an election judge? Someone approached me yesterday at my polling location and tried to get me to vote for Yarbrough (the election judge) and when I said “You have to be joking” he made it clear that Yarbrough’s win was guaranteed – by paying for votes. Will Yarbrough clean up the mess he made? Nah. Will he make a bigger mess? Probably. The citizens of Maywood who voted for Yarbrough and his minions deserve to get screwed by him; the rest of us who know better are also going to get the shaft because we are the ones who ultimately pay for the arrogant and childish behavior of the majority of the Trustees. I want the people who voted for him to pay my property taxes and my water bills because it is ultimately YOUR fault these things happen. And while the Yarbrough fans are at it, I’d like them to pay off my mortgage on a house that has lost most of its value because no one wants to live in Maywood because of its reputation of corruption and what happened when he was mayor. Need I remind everyone of Jason Ervin, Yarbrough’s fat henchman? And the worst part? No one feels any shame for their part in Maywood going further down the sewer.

  3. This is sad. So, it appears that the citizens of Maywood enjoy paying higher property taxes and water bills than the surrounding suburbs. The majority of the problems within the village stem from the time when Yarbrough was the mayor. Evidently, the citizens are suffering from amnesia or early on-set Alzheimer’s disease. It is no way he or any of his cabinet should have ever been allowed to hold any position in the village again. Under his tenure, various business opportunities and programs that would enhance the village were turned away. The greater the number of tax paying businesses in an area, the lighter the tax burden is on the residents. The most disheartening part of the entire election is the lack of appreciation by the village citizens of the sacrifices made to secure them the right to vote. It is your right, USE IT! People were murdered, beaten, thrown in jail all across this country just to give you the opportunity to vote and you don’t even bother to take 3 minutes out of your schedule to vote. As disappointed as I am with the citizens and the outcome of the election, it should be clear that those who did not vote should not go to the village meetings to grand stand during the “Public Comment” section. Your true “Public Comment” was given when you failed to exercise your right to go to the polls on election day and vote.

  4. Welcome back Mr. Yarbrough. I for one am glad you were willing to give a bit more of your time to this ungrateful village. The last two years without you have been painful especially those terrible board meetings! I remember the 125th celebration that you spearheaded, jazz in the park, and the ceasefire program (by the way – where are they??) I enjoyed the Hispano-fest and Temo Estrada’s great work every year with the largest hispanic fest – Azteca festival every year. Thanks for creating that Landmark Committee where we can identify our shining jewels in the community. I know you are not the Mayor now, but I hope that level heads will prevail and a calming will take place. Perhaps the agenda for Maywood will reveal itself?

  5. Festivals and parties are not getting our alleys paved or improving the obstacle course I have to navigate when I travel down Washington Blvd. Whoever is welcoming Yarbrough back has to be blind.

    1. Yeah, remember the St. Charles Road re-paving? That was MILLIONS of dollars and the road is wavy … 5th Avenue with its one-coat, half-a$$ed paving? The “shining jewels” identified by the Landmark Committee/Commission are generally a bunch of run-down examples of what Maywood is like today, and the owners have “personal friends” on the committee that give them the designation. Shining jewels, my rump. Ken F is obviously blind, deaf and dumb or maybe was one of the voters who got PAID to vote for the sorry excuse of a former mayor, now trustee.

  6. Alley were paved on both sides of Madison street (east/west) 1st, 5th, 9th, 17th, Madison, St. Charles road were all paved or reconstructed. Actually, Washington was paved between 1st and 6th. New lights throughout the business district, new street signs, new sidewalks, a new bridge over the DesPlaines that now allows people to get off the Blue Line and walk to the 4th District Court – I’m not the blind one here. Quality of life is what I look at and infrastructure is a goodly part of it but the other coming-together’s for the community is important too.

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