Maywood Police On Alert For ‘Red Hoodie’ Robber

Monday, December 7, 2015 || By Nicholas Samuel

Maywood police are on the hunt for a man who robbed a west suburban woman Dec. 1 at Lake Street and 4th Avenue.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, had just dropped her daughter off for tumbling practice at Maywood Fine Arts, 25 North Fifth Ave., at 6:30 p.m., fifteen minutes before the robbery took place.

She then decided to walk back to her car, parked on 4th Avenue, to get a few magazines. As she walked back to Maywood Fine Arts, a slim African-American man believed to be in his early 20’s assaulted her.

“He walked by and said ‘hello,’ and I said ‘hello’ back. Next thing I know, I was being pushed forward and I fell to the ground,” said the victim, who suffered scrapes all over her right leg.

“He said, ‘give me your money, you’re not moving fast enough.’ I’m opening the wallet and giving him the cash and said ‘that’s all I have.’”

The man, who wore a red hoodie, took her wallet, containing $31 in cash, two credit cards, a debit card and her license. He then ran southbound down 4th Avenue.

“It was surreal; I was in shock. I feel anxious, very stressed and have a high anxiety,” she said. “I couldn’t see his face. His hoodie was pulled really tight over his face.”

After the assault, the victim stumbled to a nearby barbershop, Marlowe’s Barber and Beauty Salon, 400 Lake St.

The victim said she banged on the door and was screaming that she had been mugged, but a man inside just stood there and wouldn’t open the door.

“I told the police that he didn’t help me,” she said.

Owners of Marlowe’s Barber and Beauty Salon could not be reached for comment.

A witness who saw her banging on the door of the barbershop and screaming ran across the street to help.

“He said, ‘I heard you yelling.’ Then he called 911 right away,” she said.

The ambulance and police were on the scene shortly after and the victim was transported to Westlake Hospital in Melrose Park.

The victim said she thinks the robber might have been armed.

“I saw something pointing from under his hoodie,” she said.

Pirsa Allen, community resource officer for the Maywood Police Department, said the case is still under investigation. He added there have been several robbery incidents on Lake Street recently because of the holiday seasons.

“Police are doing more progressive patrolling on the north end of Maywood in the business areas,” Allen said.

The victim, who has been taking her daughter to Maywood Fine Arts for six years, said she has always felt comfortable going there and that it’s a great place for the community.

But the robbery incident makes her terrified, and she’s thankful her daughter wasn’t with her when she was mugged.

“Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach,” she said.

Allen said the Maywood Police Department asks for the citizens of Maywood to be aware of their surroundings during the holiday seasons.

“Be aware of putting a lot of cash in your purses and look out for pickpocketers,” he said.

“If you’re going to your car, have your keys out, don’t leave a lot of Christmas packages inside the vehicle so nobody will try to break into your car and travel in pairs.” VFP

3 thoughts on “Maywood Police On Alert For ‘Red Hoodie’ Robber”

  1. Isn’t this just dandy; things were getting better around here for awhile now this. There have been a lot more shady characters walking around this area during the day the last year or so, and do bring them up at MAPS meetings, but no one in authority seems too interested. Police can be professional and friendly, but at the same time put these guys on notice that they are watchning everyone in the neighborhood–there is a certain deterance in that action and no one’s “rights” are getting violated. Isn’t that part of community policing? Muggings are the absolute last thing we want around here.
    On another note, I believe there is a police camera on the corner of 4th and Lake–shouldn’t we be utilizing what got caught on camera to catch this guy?

  2. I was excited about the great things in our neighborhood. I was also very involved with the community and coming to MAPS meetings. I feel like I have given so many tips at the meetings of goings on, desccriptions, times of day these people can be found and where. I am truly dissapointed that I am told what I should do by both the Chief and Sargent at a meeting, but when I call dispatch it seems they always contradiict what people in charge say. Dispatchers need to silt down with the Chief and Sargent or be taught a class of the rules that are told at MAPS meetings. I’ve given up hope of being told one thing at meetings and dispatchers seem to be unaware of anything Said. Why bother calling or coming anymore. Many tickets could have been issued and possibly arrests if anyone listened. Your red hoody guy is always on 4th Avenue.

  3. I would love to see the liquor store on 5th and Lake get tossed out of Maywood (hear that Liquor Commission?). There are loads of bums and gang-bangers that hang around that area constantly. And … Considering the cameras don’t work because there (and elsewhere) is no one in the police department who can monitor them (gag), and village administration has SO messed up the budget that there is no money to pay for this – Well, heck NO, cameras won’t make a difference. And the indifference of the police to serving and protecting the citizens of Maywood never changes, except to grow worse over time. No one in the village administration OR the police SERVE the citizens of Maywood – they all serve their own interests and egos.

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