Maywood Named 4th Most Liberal City; Welch Objection Could Be Overruled


Monday, December 21, 2015 || By Michael Romain 

According to a study conducted by the nonpartisan Crowdpac, Maywood is ranked fourth among the country’s most liberal cities.

The village scored a 7.8 on Crowdpac’s “liberal scale.” Vashon Island, Washington was named most liberal place in America.

“We looked at all political donations to candidates on the federal and state level since 2002, and calculated a political ideology score for every town in America with a population greater than 6,000,” according to Crowdpac’s website.

Kuhr’s Objection to Welch signatures could be overruled 

Rep. WelchA Forest Park man’s objections to the nominating papers of state Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch (D-7th) could be overruled.

In a five-page objection filed earlier this month, Brian Kuhr claimed that Welch filed more than the maximum 1,500 signatures permitted under the Illinois Election Code and challenged the validity of most of the signatures.

At a hearing held on Dec. 15 at the Illinois State Board of Election’s office in Chicago, election officials allowed a continuance so that Welch’s petition signatures could be subject to a line item review. The next court date isn’t until Jan. 8.

Among Kuhr’s allegations, he claimed that the nomination papers contain signatures that are duplicates or forged and that they include the names of people with missing addresses or who aren’t registered voters in the 7th District, which includes River Forest.

He also claimed that “an excessively high percentage of signatures” procured by nine circulators “are not genuine.”

If Kuhr’s objections stick and the challenged signatures are upheld, the number of valid petition signatures for Welch’s campaign would be reduced by 1,114 to 386 — or “114 below the statutory minimum of 500,” the objection claimed.

Referencing a brief drafted by Anthony Bass, Kuhr’s attorney, the objection states that Welch’s nominating petitions present “substantial, clear, unmistakable, and compelling evidence that establishes a ‘pattern of fraud and false swearing’ with the ‘utter and contemptuous disregard for the mandatory provisions of the Election Code.’”

“This is an attempt by the average citizen to ensure the integrity of the ballot,” Kuhr said in a phone interview last week.

But based on a summary report obtained from Welch’s campaign, Kurh’s objection might be overruled.

The summary report notes that, among Welch’s 1,531 signatures, 1,107 of them were challenged, with 692 of them sustained and 415 overruled. Welch has 339 “signatures greater than the required minimum,” according to the report.

“I was very confident my signatures would withstand a frivolous challenge,” Welch said. “I look forward to continuing the conversation with my constituents over these next few weeks as I make my case for reelection.” VFP

3 thoughts on “Maywood Named 4th Most Liberal City; Welch Objection Could Be Overruled”

  1. And we are supposed to be proud of this? All one has to do it look at the condition of the town. Dig further into the criteria to rank us as such–political contributions…hmmmm. Where is all the contributions coming from??? I don’t think its basically from your average resident–many are disgusted with the way the town looks and lack of any meaningful new businesses or civic progress. Someone is apparently making a lot of contributions to keep the town “down” (and poor), something many of us have long suspected. I guess this kind of confirms it. It would be very interesting to see WHO the contributions are coming from–we might finally get to the bottom of the problems around here. There is no reason why we should not be a prosperous and safe community.
    Interesting case for the BGA to investigate?

  2. According to Crowdpac, “We looked at all political donations to candidates on the federal and state level since 2002, and calculated a political ideology score for every town in America with a population greater than 6,000,”

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