Homicides In Maywood Double The Rate Of Previous Years, While Property Crimes Are Down

Maywood Police Station Exterior

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 || By Nicholas Samuel || Updated: 12/30/15

As of November of this year, the Maywood Police Department reported 13 homicides for 2015, compared to seven homicides each year for 2014, 2013 and 2012, according to information released by the department.

Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley Jr. said the marked increase in the homicide rates is largely due to criminals being released from federal, state and local detention facilities.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that’s the reason. These individuals get released from prison, but we don’t have services set up for those people to become productive citizens of society,” Talley said during a recent interview.

“You have a lot of people being released from prison with that influx of individuals who’ve previously committed crimes and need to find employment. When people can’t find meaningful employment, they turn to other methods.”

Talley said that a majority of the crimes are related to gang activity.

“The gang culture acts on retaliation. If something happens to a member by a rival gang, they avenge him by retaliating,” Talley said.

The police chief said he doesn’t know why that exists and that kids should learn conflict resolution in school.

“When I was a youth, we would get into a fight, somebody would win and somebody would lose and we would be able to talk it out and move on. I don’t think that exists in the gang culture.”

Despite the uptick in homicides, however, the village has experienced an overall decrease in certain crimes, such as aggravated battery, burglary, theft and robbery over the past few years.

As of November 2015, the Maywood Police Department reported 103 cases of aggravated battery this year, compared to 108 in 2014, 93 in 2013 and 119 in 2012.

MPD also reported 193 cases of burglary in 2015, compared to 207 in 2014, 295 in 2013 and 397 in 2012.

For theft, 284 cases were reported in 2015, compared to 365 in 2014, 447 in 2013 and 489 in 2012.

For robberies, 71 cases were reported in 2015, compared to 82 in 2014, 90 in 2013 and 94 in 2012.

Talley said, with the holiday season now in full effect, residents should be cautious when shopping at local stores.

“You can almost anticipate that crime will happen because of the holiday season,” Talley said. “Don’t leave packages in your car, lock your doors, walk in groups and limit your cash flow.”

Crime statistics for 2015 didn’t include cases that have happened in December. VFP

Correction: This post has been updated to omit a statement that was attributed to Chief Talley, but that misstated what he, in fact, said. A previous article noted that Talley said that the police didn’t have crime under control. This was not what was said. The Village Free Press regrets this error. 

10 thoughts on “Homicides In Maywood Double The Rate Of Previous Years, While Property Crimes Are Down”

  1. The big problem is Chief Talley is playing politics and not worry about the necessary equipment that the officers need. Having a full equip squad vehicle for the past several months in the garage does no good to a community. He has no implemented any useful strategy to combat crime. He is more worry about how officers need to cover their tattoos and wearing a 5 point hat, that officers are afraid of getting written up. It is so bad that officers are afraid of doing their job and getting in trouble due to the Chief not supporting his officers. Their was a vote of no confidence against the chief by the officers which should indicate something. The Village officials have is even worse!! They have dug themselves in a hole in where they can’t recover. In order for the Village to get out it need to make some several changes. They must clean up and invest in the community. They must start on 1st ave and lake, change these empty lots and turn them into park with trees, shrubs, flowers and benches to improve the look. There 3 things the village need. 1 better schools, 2) lower it crime and 3) improve the look in the community but until then there will continue to have crime. Each person that has been killed is due to the Chief and the Village official not doing anymore except the corruption that has plagued the Village.

    1. I totally agree with you Ivan! There should be accountability to Mayor Edwenna Perkins and police chief Talley to tackle these issues of gun violence, homicides in Maywood. I drove Maywood all the time, and I see a lot of vacant lots that needs to be invest, due to years of disinvestment. I also remember someone told me that the Parks & Recreation Centers are empty and no support for children in Maywood to participate in these activities. I also wish there was a Job Training Center in Maywood.

  2. I’m really not surprise that Maywood’s homicide rate is at 13, and I do not see any improvement. I do recall in 2003 when the late Mayor Ralph Connor was in office, that Maywood had the highest murder rate than any suburb in the Chicagoland area, at 20. There has to be a good strategy and plan of how to clean up, and make Maywood a village that people can live, and children can play outside, and not worry about getting shot and killed. There has to be accountability to Mayor Edwenna Perkins, Maywood Police Chief Talley, Jr., and the village board members as well.

  3. Ivan’s got it right! You go, Ivan! Having heard so much crazy stuff coming out of the village administrations mouths over the years, I thought one of the most insane things said was the Chief’s comment that we have more crime and murders because people are being released from prison and coming back into the community. I think we should make it part of the requirements for an elected or appointed official to take an IQ test. Not much of what the administration says makes any sense.

    1. The police chief were hired through a political hook up. How can a selection commitee be full of ex-state troopers who pick the candidate for the chief position, when the candidate(chief) has unethical flaws in his background just google his name it will show how he lied when he ran for sherriff in Decatur about his education. The chief refuse to put Jr. at the end of his name in the village paper, so he could continue to decieve the citizens. The chief also played on words when he falsfied about continue graduate program in homeland security at UIS, this a 20hr certificate course, not a degree. This were a serious of ethical violations, which was against the requirements to become the chief. The village paid $30,000 for this selection committee.(FOIA) The village is going up on our taxes, C MOM MAN.

  4. The police chief has a traffic cop mentality where he loves to enforce traffic laws. The chief had made a comment in the village quarterly report about enforcing side walk laws, then he tried to give his on officers seat belt tickets. His mentality leads the citizens in the 400 block of 20th a damage porch, car and lawn. The village has to pay for the chief chasing juveniles for a seat belt ticket. The kids got away and the village truck were damaged,this activity took place during day light hours. The street was filled with kids playing, thank God for the kids. The chief got mad at the officer who was going to take the accident report and include his wrongdoing. The chief tried to fire the officer, but he resign. He writes in the paper no intimidation. The retired officer is consulting with a lawyer for a lawsuit. The village lawyers will be getting paid again trying to defend wrongdoing by the chief.

  5. The police chief was the number 4 top story in the WSJ in 2015. The chief continue providing interviews with the WSJ concerning the police no confidence vote trying to restore his political image instead of focusing on the crime in Maywood , which is a disservice to our lovely citizens. The chief attend every political affair to build his political profile, with photos of politicians like that is some type of crime prevention tactic. The chief brag about the 1million dollars he bought to the station, but he is 2.2million over the budget for the past two years, due to his mismanagement skills. The chief increase his salary and extended his stay in the chief position. The citizens is paying a great price for this inexperience chief in crime&financial ways.

    1. I did read that article in the “West Suburban Journal.” Wow! The citizens of Maywood need to organize and find a way to talk to Mayor Perkins to have the chief of Maywood Police Department resign, because this is ridiculous. No accountability at all!

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