Maywood Police Department Marks Officer Milestones–FBI Training, Master’s Degree, Among Others

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Deputy Chief Elijah Willis receives a plaque from Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley in recognition of his completing a 10-week leadership training program at the FBI National Academy last year. | Michael Romain

Thursday, January 7, 2015 || By Michael Romain 

The Maywood Police Department celebrated several milestones within its rank at a Jan. 5 board meeting. Police Chief Valdimir Talley acknowledged Leslie Grandberry, Elijah Willis and Theodore Yancy for various achievements. It also swore-in new officer Michael J. Frommert.

Willis, the department’s Deputy Chief, graduated from the FBI National Academy with distinction. The Academy comprises a 10-week leadership course for rank-and-file law enforcement officers, who take part in graduate level classes in areas such as communication, forensic science and law.

Willis, who returned from the Academy last December, was one of 230 session members, but he was one of only 12 members who graduated with distinction.

“This year, the Maywood Police Department turns 135 years old and during that time we’ve only had four officers who have attended the FBI National Academy,” said Talley, who is also a graduate of the Academy.

Sergeant Theodore Yancy, a 20-year veteran of the department with experience in a range of roles, was promoted to commander.

According to Talley, Yancy conducts internal investigations and has served on a narcotics task force and in several supervisory positions. He’s also been a firearms trainer, among other skill-based leadership positions.

Grandberry was acknowledged for graduating Lewis University with her master’s degree in the college’s educational counseling program.

“She used to be a school resource officer and that’s where she began her program,” Talley said. “When we came out of the school system, the village could no longer fund that program. But she continued her pursuits.”

Michael Frommer, the village’s newest sworn police officer completed training at the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy in December and successfully completed the Law Enforcement Certification Examination. VFP

5 thoughts on “Maywood Police Department Marks Officer Milestones–FBI Training, Master’s Degree, Among Others”

  1. I can’t believe this award stuff, when Maywood has the highest murder rate per capital in the west suburbs. I was at my mother house on 14th and oak street and i noticed all the police in the back ally standing over a dead body. I heard the officers say,”the guy is shot and he been here for awhile. My mom and I attended the board meeting that night to see what happen. The chief lied and said there was nobody dead in the village. I just found out two days later, the guy that was found dead was a friend of the family. The police chief is to busy giving awards and not solving crime. SMH

    1. Wow! I did not know that the Chief Talley is very shady when it comes to not solving murder cases or crimes in Maywood. Now, I see why the police union voted no confidence in his job as the chief of the Maywood Police Department.

  2. The chief fought against the officer that received her master degree, when the village contract says that the village pays for your higher learning. The officer paid for her master degree on her own. The chief will try to take credit for the good achievements, so he could look good or worthy. That’ s why you don’t see her in the picture!

  3. The police department is going to continue having corruption as long as you place corrupt people in charge. The present chief was known for his lying and violating ethic laws. The promoted commander was known for covering for his best friend for raping a young lady, while the commander was the supervisor of the shift. The deputy chief was known for covering up another juvenile case for the previous deputy chief. The previous deputy chief had raped a little boy at his home, but before that he was caught in the city of chicago trying to molest another little boy. The young boy had to fight the deputy chief off him. These cases can be proven by news and court case files. The village is going to keep a bad reputation as long as this corrupt promotions continue.

  4. Yes, my brother just got out of jail and he had got into it with the promoted commander, who was dealing with his girlfriend before he went to jail. My brother is not a saint but he is still human. The promoted commander was having a relationship with my brother girlfriend and two officers came to talk to him while he was in county jail to try to add more charges against him. My brother got in contact with the family lawyer who advised him not to talk to them officers unless he is present. The officers brought up the altercation that took place with him and the promoted commander while he was in maywood station. Now he is a commander. Glade my brother moved from maywood.

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