Maywood Trustees Voice Frustration With Broadview’s Cul De Sacs, Urge More Communication With Neighbor

cul de sac.pngThursday, January 7, 2015 || By Michael Romain || 10:05 PM

At a Jan. 5 board meeting, Maywood trustees voiced concerns about Broadview, it’s neighbor to the south; namely, worries that the village might be mulling constructing a road block along 13th Avenue, which Maywood and Broadview share.

Some trustees also voiced frustration with Broadviews currently existing cul de sacs on Lexington, Harvard (pictured) and Fillmore Streets.

“Their reasoning was to cut down on the amount of traffic that was hitting the side streets to avoid the 17th Avenue and Bataan Drive traffic signal,” said Maywood Engineer Mark Lucas in response to a concern broached by Trustee Toni Dorris about the possibility that Broadview would try constructing more road blocks along 13th Avenue.

Lucas said, based on discussions with Broadview’s engineer, he doesn’t think the village is planning on constructing any kind of 13th Avenue closure. He said there aren’t any current plans that he’s aware of outside of routine paving work.

He added that, since 13th Avenue is controlled by both Maywood and Broadview, constructing any closures would require both communities to act at the same time.

But Trustee Melvin Lightford was concerned about the closures currently in place and how they might affect Maywood children who attend Roosevelt Elementary School, which is roughly a block away from the Harvard St. cul de sac.

“It bothers me that a school is there and you block off a street from a school,” he said. “Kids in Maywood go to that school as well. What if a fire truck or something needs to go down there? It’s not safe for the children of that school. I don’t agree with that.”

Lucas said that, when Broadview constructed the existing road blocks, there was no communication between the two villages. He said that an ongoing issue to deal with is how heavier traffic on 13th Avenue might impact Maywood. Lucas noted that village staff discussed the need to have a plan for dealing with the ramifications and that they were working on clearing up the lines communication between them and their Broadview counterparts.


“Can we make sure, moving forward, that any changes a neighboring town decides to make we are made aware and [so we can] make sure that we look out for our … residents first?” Dorris said. VFP

This article has been updated to more accurately reflect the nature of some trustees’ concerns, which primarily involved whether or not Broadview was planning to construct any road blocks along 13th Avenue. 

4 thoughts on “Maywood Trustees Voice Frustration With Broadview’s Cul De Sacs, Urge More Communication With Neighbor”

  1. I would love the opportunity to clear the air and give you a response representing Broadview’s views on the issue. Having been an elected official prior to ANY of Maywood’s current officials, I have information that they may not be aware of dating prior to their arrival on the scene. Would love to finally have a sit – down and discuss further improvements that we can collaborate on, starting with the repair of 13th Ave.

  2. Contrary to popular opinion, There were discussions with the Village Of Maywood prior to and immediately after the cul-de-sac. For the record, I personally met with the former Village Manager of Maywood, the current Mayor of Maywood and the interim Police Chief of Maywood early on and during the cul-de-sac process. It is truly unfortunate that erroneous information is put out in a public forum such as this without first investigating the history.

    By the way, the cul-de-sacs in question have been in place since June of 2013. It is curious that a “Broadview cul-de-sac” would become a Maywood issue in January of 2016 some two and a half years later.

    I have no problem responding to any and all concerns relative to the cul-de-sac issue in any public forum.

    On another note, I have approached Maywood at least 3 times about resurfacing 13th avenue with no avail. The Mayor and former Village manager informed me that Maywood is unable to fund their half of the project. When can we collaborate on that?

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