Maywood HR Coordinator Wilhelmina Dunbar Terminated

40 W MadisonFriday, January 22, 2016 || By Michael Romain || Updated: 1/23/16 || 5:09 PM

Wilhelmina Dunbar, the human resources coordinator for the Village of Maywood, has been terminated, according to multiple sources who noted that she was served notice by Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr., this week.

Dunbar’s employment with the village spans back to at least when former Village Manager Jason Ervin was at the helm. Ervin was manager between 2007 and 2011, according to his LinkedIn profile.

There’s been no word yet on what led to Dunbar’s termination. There also hasn’t yet been word on whether the village has initiated the process of seeking candidates to fill the position, which entailed a salary of around $77,000 in 2014, according to the government watchdog organization Open the Books.

Attempts to contact Norfleet and Dunbar were unsuccessful. More as this story develops. VFP

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post contained information that, after deeper consideration, was found to be less than fully accurate and in need of more context. That information has since been redacted and the redaction explained in a forthcoming editorial. VFP regrets this error. 

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7 thoughts on “Maywood HR Coordinator Wilhelmina Dunbar Terminated”

  1. As a journalist you have an ethical responsibility in reporting the facts . It is unfortunate that you are able to libel/slander a person’s name or imply wrong doing without seeking and finding out the facts first, but I guess that’s journalism.

    1. Respons to Lens Jackson: FYI Mr. Ervin left the Village of Maywood 4 years ago. He is now Alderman Erving of the 28th Ward in Chicago. What is this constant vendetta against Alderman Erving? Is it Maywood politics?

      Next, Ms. Dunbar was the only one not politically connected. She was the only one who was unbiased and did her job proficiently. She was the one who spearheaded the Water scandal investigation based on several residents coming to her. All I ask is that residents of Maywood do due diligence. Find out the facts before assuming every one is corrupt. You lost a good person!!!!

  2. This is a message to all Village of Maywood residents. Find out what the members of your Village are doing. Ask questions, go to the meetings, see what your Mayor and trustees are doing you elected them. Ask what employees are doing or not, but find out instead of assuming that all are corrupt and then when there not doing there jobs call them on the carpet, but get involved to make the Village of Maywood better than ever, because , in the end, the real power lies with you!!!

  3. Lets not fool ourselves, Ms. Dunbar was connected to Jason Erving just like the rest of the yabrough crew. The corruption continue as long as you have people that is politically hooked up. The village has so many people(friends) in positions that is not qualified for the positions, ask was Ms. Dunbar certified to be in the position she was holding. The village has a political police chief in position and the town has had 22 murders since he been in position, and the village is still letting him lobby for a friend of the State Police be hired by the village. The village had a 290 meeting and they had a selection committee to speak for the people, the same people on the committee is the ones who got the town in the financial difficulties. The grocery store is gone, the business was bought with tiff money, the site on 1st and lake was never developed. Citizens lets not be foolish, the same people who had a hand in destroying Maywood is on the selection board. The only good thing is that some old maywoodians where in the audience and question the people about the right concerns, don’t be bamboozle citizens. The open HR POSITION SHOULD BE GIVING TO A REAL QUALIFIED MAYWOODIAN. SPIKE LEE WOULD SAY: “WAKE UP!”

    1. It is a shame that you are so angry. Ms. Dunbar was good at her job and if you check instead of insinuating like I did, she was hired before Mr. Ervin was Village Manager. Village manager Neilis hired her based on her 15 years as a Human Resource director as well as her experience in legal and government in the private sector. As for education, I think a Master’s degree trumps a certificate. Ms. Dunbar was the one who wrote the employees Personnel manual because they did not have one when she stepped into the position. It is sad that we as African American people don’t take pride in those who earn and work extremely hard for what they have. All I ask is that you find out the facts before you make derogatory assumptions.

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