With Two January Homicides In Maywood, Police Ramp Up Activity With New Inter-Municipality Gang Unit

Saturday, February 6, 2016 || By Nicholas Samuel || Updated: 4:35 PM

A Jan. 5th morning homicide involving a 40-year-old Broadview man is still under investigation by the Maywood Police Department.

Fredrick Blackwell was found at 10 AM with multiple gunshot wounds in an alley adjacent to a vacant lot in the 100 block of South 14th Avenue.

“There’s not a lot of evidence that suggests he was killed there in the lot or in Maywood,” said Chief Valdimir Talley in a recent interview. “We’re still looking for witnesses.”

The Maywood Police Department is also working to solve 11 murder cases from last year, according to Talley.

For 2016, Maywood has had two homicides so far, including the Jan. 5th homicide and another the following week.

On the morning of Jan. 12th, Maywood police discovered the body of Donnell Willis, 55 of Bellwood, with multiple gunshot wounds in a walkway adjacent to a building in the 1000 block of West Madison Street.

An individual was taken into custody, but has since been released, according to Lieutenant Dennis Diaz.

“The case was reviewed by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and is still under investigation by the Maywood Police Department,” Diaz said.

Maywood and surrounding communities are starting to see a rise in crime for criminals that don’t even reside within its borders, according to Diaz.

“Maywood is small, but gets a lot of big city crime,” Diaz said.

In an effort to target criminal trends and gang conflict in the Chicagoland area and nearby suburbs, Diaz formed a partnership with nearby suburban police departments, such as the Cicero Police Department, to create the West Suburban Gang Intelligence Group (W.I.G.) — an intelligence sharing and networking alliance.

“This is a way to share information with other towns and keep tabs on crime,” Diaz said. “If we aren’t connecting with other towns, we’re missing out on information that could possibly solve crimes in our town and vice-versa.”

The W.I.G. has had three meetings so far this year and had more than 150 officers from the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs attend the last meeting on Jan 28.

Besides gang and narcotics officers, the W.I.G. has also had patrol officers, probation officers, state attorneys and representatives from local, state and federal government in attendance at its meetings.

“Not to say they’re all involved, but they’re all in attendance. We’re keeping membership open to anybody,” Diaz said. “We have everyone at every level of law enforcement with different levels of expertise.”

Earlier this year, the MPD was tracking a man that was selling drugs in Maywood during the day and committing burglaries in Arlington Heights at night, according to Diaz.

“If we’re not communicating with other towns, it might look like a random crime spree,” Diaz said.

When gangs start to feel pressure from law enforcement, they bounce around from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, according to Cicero Police Commander Vincent Acevez.

“Their objective is to fly under our radar,” Acevez said.

Diaz said MPD doesn’t have the resources to track down criminals from other districts, and that the W.I.G. is a free way to share and receive valuable information to target the criminals.

“Criminals don’t have boundaries, so there’s no reason law enforcement should have them,” Diaz said.

The W.I.G. will aim to have quarterly meetings throughout the year, according to Diaz. The next meeting will be sometime in April.

Diaz plans to bring in different speakers at each meeting to talk about different topics such as social media, hidden compartments in vehicles, the heroin epidemic and more.

“This has received a lot of positive feedback from attendees and there’s definitely a need for it,” Diaz said. “We’re trying to shrink the territory for criminals.”

For more information on the W.I.G., contact Lieutenant Dennis Diaz at ddiaz@maywoodpolice-il.org or Commander Vincent Acevez at vacevez@thetownofcicero.com. VFP

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One thought on “With Two January Homicides In Maywood, Police Ramp Up Activity With New Inter-Municipality Gang Unit”

  1. The maywood police department was being very transparent for the past two years, that was the chief talk. I wonder why the two murders was not giving to the public before now? The chief and his cronies is trying to pull the wool over the citizens eyes in Maywood to use information when it benefit there cause. We seriously don’t need a gang commander at a $100,000.00 to do the same thing Mr. Diaz doing. Diaz unit is focusing on drugs and gangs which is fine, but all crimes is not only related to gang activity, most come from domestic disturbance and robbery. The police chief need to stop playing with the citizens and using his tactics to ripe off the village for money. The town taxes is continuing increasing because of mismanagement, the town had 13 murders last year, year before 7 and this year 2, which gives us 22 total for three years. I would like to know how many is solved, maybe none because murder is still happening in Maywood. Citizens are we really benefiting having this chief in position all he show us that he know how to reward people for honoring him. The trustees support this guy and the village is 7 million in the hole, what is really going on. We are steady bring people from the outside to add to our problems, because we can’t trust ourselves. The community is loosing wake up people. People when you research this guy(chief), you will see the deception in his background. Just google his name and look in the Decater Herald in 2010 when he was running for sherriff office, the only thing this chief was over is chief of cadet program. Social media has this guy background all over the internet by Maywood citizens, information can be located in previous articles, thanks for a village manager that recognize bull crap.

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