LETTERS: Chris Harris’s Campaign Disrespected Me; Chess Games For The Wealthy

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 || LETTERS

There is no reason for Harris campaign people to be disrespectful 

A couple of weeks ago , someone for Chris Harris, who is running for state representative, knocked on my door. I like when politicians come to my door to try and earn my vote. When I respectfully told him that I would be voting for Emanuel “Chris” Welch, who also happens to be my brother, I was told “too bad for you.”

Now, I understand disagreements occur in politics, but there is no reason to be disrespectful and rude about your opponent, especially when you are talking to people who you hope to serve in Springfield.

We have enough adults acting like children in Springfield  and we don’t need to send another one.

— Natasha Mullen

The money-rich politics of today make political races chess games for the wealthy

The recent discovery that outside PAC money is being spent in the 7th District State Representative race has raised concerns of this group’s motives.

“In modern day politics, you can’t control most of what goes on around you, but you hope you can control your message,” said 7th District State Representative Candidate Chris Harris. “Even that can be altered by 3rd party sources hijacking it, though.”

As first reported by the Illinois Observer, an outside PAC that has received money from Governor Rauner purchased newspaper advertising against current State Rep. Chris Welch in the 7th District race.

Harris stated: “There are many reasons PAC’s get involved in races: they want to advance a candidate; they don’t like a particular candidate; or they want a group to have to spend money they may not have planned to. We have yet to see what their plans are for this race, but I am certain that it is not to echo any backing of myself for Governor Rauner. The devastation caused by the budget stalemate should horrify everyone, and I reject Governor Rauner’s strategy of holding Illinois’ most vulnerable people hostage.

“Furthermore, I feel that that it is wrong-headed for Governor Rauner’s people to insert themselves into a Democratic primary election. The people of the 7th District are well aware of Rep. Welch’s poor record, and it is their voices that should decide this election.

“I am a mainstream Democrat. I believe we can have common sense compromise that will secure the financial future of this state. I support increasing funding for our schools and making sure that education is a priority. I am a small business owner who was union-backed in my local race, because I am focused on practical accomplishments that move us all forward.

“I am in this race because our current State Representative has a long history of corruption and patronage that devastated our local schools. We need a Democrat who will focus on fixing our communities and our state, not be a pawn for either Speaker Madigan or Governor Rauner.”

— Harris for State Representative

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