Donnie Boyce To Receive Back Pay, Says D209 Board President; East Locker Room Rehab Tops $300K


Wednesday, February 17, 2016 || Originally Published: Forest Park Review || || 2/16/16 || By Matthew Hendricksen 

Donnie Boyce, the former Proviso East High School boys basketball coach and member of the school’s security staff, will get his jobs back after being terminated by the District 209 Board of Education a year ago. 

According to school board President Theresa Kelly, Boyce will also receive wages for the time he was unemployed by the district. Boyce was fired in February 2015 after video footage surfaced that allegedly showed him choking a female student during a December 2014 incident at the school. 

The incident was investigated by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Child and Family Services. No charges were ever filed against Boyce.

Proviso East locker room rehab tops $300K

At the Proviso Township High School District 209 board meeting on Feb. 9, school board President Theresa Kelly said the board approved for a plan to replace lockers in several locker rooms at Proviso East over the summer.

The board has pushed the district’s administration to address the poor condition of the locker rooms at several recent meetings, calling the conditions unsafe for students.

According to board documents, the school board and the state-appointed financial oversight panel disagreed about taking action on the locker rooms at a joint session in October.

The school board asked for upgrades to the locker rooms, but the financial oversight panel did not want to make changes to the building until a master facilities plan for the school was complete, which could take several years.

Over holiday break, the district’s staff and architect reviewed the locker rooms and determined a new plan to upgrade the locker rooms with new lockers and benches, but with fewer lockers than before. The financial oversight panel agreed to the scaled-back plan, according to a memo to the board.

The district’s architect was working on drawings to bid out the project at the time of the meeting, according to the memo.

Documents for the project provided to the district on Jan. 18 by Legat Architects listed the estimated cost of the rehab plan for Fieldhouse C, Building F and Building B at $317,652.66. VFP

3 thoughts on “Donnie Boyce To Receive Back Pay, Says D209 Board President; East Locker Room Rehab Tops $300K”

  1. I was at the school this afternoon, talking to the boys varsity baseball coach and I checked out the locker room, and I was in complete shock at the conditions that is in! I mean I found more that six lockers that didn’t have a locker door, there were lockers that the color is decayed, and they have been like this since I graduated out of Proviso East in 2003.

    I pray that the financial oversight panel and the board members of District 209 can come to a full conclusion to find the funding and resources to start the rehab of the locker rooms at the Fieldhouse, because this could have been done a very long time ago.

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