LLOC Meeting Scheduled Tonight, Wed., Feb. 24, 7 PM (Agenda Packet Inside)

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016 || By COMMUNITY EDITOR

A Legal, License and Ordinance Committee (LLOC) meeting is scheduled to take place tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 7 PM, at 125 S. 5th Avenue, Maywood. Among items to be discussed, include (for full agenda packet, click here):

Public Hearing regarding Local Liquor Control Commission  Agenda Items:
Liquor Control Meeting Minutes 12-2-15.pdf
Local Liquor Control Com MINUTES 2-3-16 draft (2).doc
A. Consideration of Request for a Class M Liquor License (Video/Cafe Bistro) Liquor License filed by Lacey’s Place LLC Series Maywood d/b/a Lacey’s Place.
Lacey’s Place Liquor License Info.pdf
B. Consideration of Request for a Class C (Special Event Temporary/Non-Village Property) Liquor License filed by Maywood Fine Arts Institute.
MFA packet to Board (2).pdf
4. Public Comments
5. Approval of minutes for the  Legal, License and Ordinance Committee Meeting dated Wednesday, February 10, 2016 and Wednesday, January 27, 2016.
LLOC Minutes 2-10-16.pdf
LLOC MINUTES 1-27-2016.doc
6. Public Items:
1) Consideration to re-appoint Mr. Edwin Walker III  to the Economic Development Commission.
Edwin Walker IV Appointment to Economic Development Comm.pdf
2) Consideration to appoint Mr. Rolando Vallegas to the Liquor Commission.  His term is up for appointment.
Rolando Villegas Appointment to the Liquor Commission.pdf
3) Discussion regarding Late Audits
Late Audits.pdf
4) Consideration to appoint Vincent Fields to the Traffic & Safety Commission.
Vincent Fields Appointment to Traffic and Safety Comm..pdf
5) Consideration to appoint Jacqueline T. Fowler to the Traffic & Safety Commission.
Jacqueline T. Fowler Request for Appointment to Traffic and Safety.pdf
B. Village Manager’s Reports
1) Discussion and consideration regarding FY16 Budget Amendment to be presented by Maywood Finance Director, Lanya Satchell.
2) Discussion and consideration regarding a quote received from Neenah Foundry Company to supply replacements for the missing sets of Tree Grates on Lake Street and the “No” hundred Block of North 5th Avenue. The Tree Gates quoted amount for 6 sets is priced at $1,055.00/set and the quoted amount for 2 each is priced at $585.00 each.
Quote from Neenah Foundry Co Re Tree Grates.pdf
3) Discussion and consideration regarding quotes received from Bennett Door and Acme Door to repair the entrance doors at every entrance point of Maywood Village Hall, 40 Madison Street.  John West, Director of Public Works, recommends Acme Door be awarded the Bid for repair in the amount of $19,985.00.
Quotes Re Village Hall Door Replacements.pdf
4) Discussion and status of the Village of Maywood Blight Reduction Program (“BRP”) application submitted to the Illinois Housing Development Authority (“IHDA”) under the Hardest Hit Fund Program funded through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”).   This presentation will be provided by the Community Development Department.
Blight Reduction Grant Final Application_VillageofMaywood.pdf
5) Discussion and consideration regarding Pre-authorization for Isaiah’s Learning Center for a Day Care Facility located at 1404 Madison Street, Maywood, IL requesting a Special Use Permit in the R-4 Multi-Family Residential Zoning District.
1405 Madison Street LLOC Presentation – KP.pdf
6) Discussion and consideration for Victoria Haas to host a Civil War Living History event on the grounds of the Village-owned Maywood Home for Soldiers’ Widows at 224 North 1st Avenue Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
LivingHistoryAtWidowsHome Proposa 2016l (3).doc
7) A Resolution approving the Sale and Redevelopment of Real Property commonly known as 1318 St. Charles Road pursuant to The Tax Reactivation Program for the proposed sale price of $5,000.00 of the Village of Maywood – Arturo Chavez d/ba Progressive Roofing from Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd.
Resolution Approving the Sale and Redevelopment of Real Property – 1318 St. Charles Rd..pdf
C. Village Attorney’s Reports
1) Discussion regarding Revisions of  the Village of Maywood Travel Policy, and a cover memorandum dated February 17, 2016 from Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd.
Village of Maywood Travel Policy.pdf

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