Death & Funeral Notices: Randy McCants, Jr.; Twymeni Purchase

In Memoriam

Thursday, February 25, 2016 || By COMMUNITY EDITOR

Randy McCants, Jr.

Randy McCants[McCants family members] The McCants Family regretfully announces the passing of RandyMcCants III, the son of the Late Randy McCants Jr. and the Late Ethel McCants.  Randy was a dear son, husband, father, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend.

Randy has three children. His children are Dontrail McCants, Darnell McCants and Tamiko. Randy was preceded in death by both of his parents, RandyMcCants Jr. and Ethel McCants.

He has seven siblings. Those siblings include, Dr. CarolynMcCants-Williams (John), Celestine Whittington (Anthony) (preceded him in death), Darrell McCants (preceded him in death), Linda McCants, LaVern McCants, Attorney Kevin McCants (Donna) and Ty McCants (Teresa). He has a host of nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

Randy attended three years of college.  He majored in Social Work at the University of Iowa.  He later worked as a supervisor at the University of Iowa for many years; a job he loved very well.

During his tenure, he received several certificates and recognitions from his employer for extraordinary performance. This is not surprising due to him being a perfectionist, possessing outstanding organizational skills and leadership skills. Whatever Randy took on, he was serious and did it with passion.

Randy being an excellent saver and extremely thrifty, a likeness of his father, Randy McCants Jr.; he also worked additional jobs simultaneously with his full-time job.Though he worked a lot, he was also an avid reader. He loved to read and he was well-read in numerous areas.

He worked his full-time job second shift and often did welding during the day.  He was always an excellent money saver, who asked nothing from anyone. He was a very strong responsible man.

He moved from Iowa City, Iowa in 2007 to Charlotte, North Carolina.  While he lived in North Carolina, he worked numerous jobs, which was a normal practice for him, which kept him busy, but despite being extremely busy, he did not enjoy living in North Carolina. He and his wife decided to leave North Carolina in 2010.  Instead of moving back to Iowa City, Iowa, they decided to move back to their home state,  Illinois.

Randy was excited to be back home. It was over 20 years since he lived in Illinois.  He cherished this opportunity to be in close proximity with loved ones and close friends. He was extremely happy to have this opportunity.  He was able to spend valuable time with his siblings, children, cousins, aunts, nieces, nephews and two special aunts and friends.

He worked in this manner until he became extremely ill with Cancer in November 2013, which forced him to stop working. He was very independent and a hard worker. Having to quit his jobs and focus on his medical needs was a very challenging experience for Randy.

Randy was both very private and extremely protective of his loved ones. With possessing both of these qualities, he only shared his illness with a small circle until weeks before the end of his life.

He pushed himself daily, and functioned as if he was not ill. He even tried to work again while seeking medical treatment, despite recommendations from his doctors, but in time, realized that his focus needed to be on his medical needs only.

Randy fought hard and remained extremely independent while in excruciating pain daily. It was obvious that he was always in pain, but he would never complain. Though he had much support, he tried very hard to do as many daily tasks as possible without assistance.

He would often quote, “It may take me a little longer to complete a project, but I would prefer to do it myself.” What a strong and amazing man. Randy was an extraordinary brave man like his father Randy McCants Jr.

On February 15, 2016, God knew that his battle was too much, so he took Randy home to a place where Randy is now walking golden streets. He has no pain. He has no sorrows. He has no stress. He is actually in an environment where he is very blessed.

Heaven is his new home. It is a place of peace.  With no more pain in his knees, Randy can kneel to our Lord and Savior, and say, “Thank you Lord for the pain and sorrow; because through the storm, I had an opportunity to find the path that you had for me; the path of salvation that opened the door to the pearly gates that I now greatly embrace. Thank you Jesus for showing me the way and upon accepting you as my personal savior, you did not delay taking me to this heavenly place. Thank you Lord. I am most grateful for your loving kindness.”

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Twymeni Purchase

Twymeni, [a Proviso East alumna], was awarded the Texas State Conference of NAACP 2010 Torchbearer Community Service Award. She also serves as the Vice Chair of Programs for the Black El Paso Democrats and is an awardee of the 2011 Black El Paso Democrats Outstanding Community Service Award for her accomplishments and support of the Black El Paso Democrats, and the El Paso Community.

Twymeni was a 2010 Delegate to the Texas Democratic State Convention. She serves on the United Way Allocation Panel for El Paso with concentration on education-before and after school programs.

For more, click here. VFP

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