LETTERS: Chris Welch Insults Voters With Campaign Tactics

Letter to the EditorThursday, March 3, 2016 || LETTERS

My family has  received a robocall  from Emanuel “Chris” Welch  saying that Chris Harris, the democrat who is running against Welch for state representative, is stuffing people’s mailboxes with a newspaper containing lies about  Mr. Welch.

So far, my family  has  received  39  mailers  stuffed in our mailbox  from Emanuel  Welch. We have only received one mailing from Harris. I think it is plainly evident that Welch is the one stuffing people’s mailboxes!

Does Mr. Welch think people cannot count?

Some of the mailers we have received  from Welch slam Harris with accusations of Harris looking  out for his friends.

I believe it  is evident that Welch is making false accusations against Harris of exactly what Welch has been doing for years in hiring his friends and relatives, such as a $56,000 janitorial job for his brother Billy Welch and a $90,000  night foreman job for the best man at Welch’s  wedding, according to a  March 8, 2012 Chicago Sun-Times report.

I  believe Emanuel Welch is totally insulting voters if he thinks we cannot count and do not know of his loading Proviso High School District 209 payroll with his friends and relatives,  just like he loads our mailboxes!

I recently put out two lawn signs for Harris that were stolen and immediately replaced by lawn signs for Emanuel  “Chris” Welch. This is  like a thief who drops his ID at the scene of his crime!

I believe it is time we enacted “term limits”  by ending Emanuel “Chris” Welch’s term in office and electing  Chris Harris, an honest man who does not bombard taxpayers with lies, but tells it like it is. VFP

— J. Guadgnola, Berkeley

2 thoughts on “LETTERS: Chris Welch Insults Voters With Campaign Tactics”

  1. I wasn’t in the race and just sitting back watching, Welch, you are such a sad leader to me, You mistreat women, and that case came out and you still think no one remember.
    You’ve failed Proviso township and the sad thing about it, you don’t care. You try to run your wife to control District 209 that didn’t work, and your spreading lie stated that Harris is a republican. That’s a lie.. Stop sending the hate mail it doesn’t work!!!!

  2. Additionally to all the “who is stuffing” aspects of this, my understanding is that it is 100% illegal for anything other than actual US Postal Mail to go into a mailbox. Doorknobs and stoop rails are different but only actual mail from the actual letter carrier is supposed to go into the box.

    My point mostly is if they’re breaking this pretty easy to follow law what other shady business is likely to happen?

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