LETTERS: The Economic Winners And Losers of Legalized Gambling; State Rep. Campaign Viewpoints

Letter to the EditorThursday, March 10, 2016 || LETTERS 

‘The economic winners and losers of legalized gambling’ is the title of a February 2005 study on the impact of legal gambling.  The study points out that:

  1. There does not appear to be any evidence of economic growth in a surrounding community as a result of legalized gambling.
  1. Bankruptcy rates, violent crimes, and auto thefts and larceny each increase in the surrounding community by 10 percent, in a study included in the paper.
  1. Gambling can reduce revenues to the village because gambling sites can diminish other revenues from existing and potential businesses. Gambling sites can stigmatize neighboring properties and businesses, making them less attractive to patrons and/or new businesses.

Yesterday evening, our trustees considered granting a license for an establishment to operate a legal gambling “bistro” on Roosevelt Road.  I am not going to introduce my thoughts and fears of the door being opened by this proposed business, but am asking publicly if our trustees and citizens have considered the points above prior to approving this application.  I feel very strongly that funding the villages operations on the backs of those least advantaged among us — our seniors, our poor — is not a good public policy.

Obviously, the goal of every business is to be profitable.  I assume this one will also make money.  This money will leave our local economy.  I’m assuming of course, that the owner of this establishment does not reside or shop in Maywood.  Please voice your opinions to our trustees and let them know you want businesses that grow and benefit the village AND it’s residents.

We want businesses that improve the desirability of our neighborhoods, not stigmatize them.  Gambling is not an amenity.

— Wayne Beals, Maywood

Let’s Return This Office to the People

This election season has been ugly. My opponent has sent out nearly 20 mailers full of outright lies that have been insulting to the intellect of the voters of our district. The Chicago Tribune said it best last week: “Rep. Chris Welch, D-Hillside, must be worried about his opponent, Chris Harris of Forest Park, or he wouldn’t be sending out smear mailings that are so misleading they’re comical.”

It’s hard to run a grassroots campaign. You don’t have the money to combat these kinds of lies, but we have tried to remain positive throughout the campaign and advance our message. We have earned respected endorsements from the Chicago Tribune, Wednesday Journal and Forest Park Review. We have been in the community talking to people one on one—doing it the old-fashioned way. I am passionate about having representation that puts the community first, not the campaign contributors that line our current State Rep’s pockets and rule his decision making. We need to protect our most vulnerable; demand equal education and early education funding; use every avenue possible to increase economic development in our community; and reform a broken criminal justice system that favors those with influence, power or money.

I worked on Rory Hoskins’ campaign for this seat in 2012. One of the main reasons I did so was to try and stop Mr. Welch from accruing more power and exploiting that power. Rep. Welch’s record speaks for itself: the years of abuse as President of the Proviso High Schools; the insider deals for friends, family and campaign contributors; the over $600,000.00 in special interest money he has taken; and the selling out of our district in Springfield to the highest bidder. Enough is enough. Let’s return this office to the people and follow the Chicago Tribune’s lead when it said last week: “We hope voters will drop those mailers directly into the recycling bin — and drop Welch out of the legislature.”

I humbly ask for your vote on March 15th—together we can do this.

— Chris Harris, candidate – 7th District State Representative

I support Chris Harris

As you may know, I am supporting Commissioner Chris Harris in the upcoming primary election for State Representative on March 15th.  I believe that Chris has the knowledge, experience, vision, and integrity to improve conditions in our state and in our district.

Chris Harris served as the Commissioner of Public Property on the Forest Park Village from 2011 to 2015.  I served in the same position prior to Chris and I know the difficult conditions that Chris faced simply by standing up for what he believed was best for Forest Park.  Unlike his opponent, in his time in public service, Chris Harris did not dedicate himself to favors for his friends or special interests, but instead dedicated himself to his constituents – the people of Forest Park.

Sadly, our great state has become the laughing stock of the country due to fiscal mismanagement, pay to play politics, and elected officials serving themselves and their special interests.  The problems we have in our state are not due to Republican or Democratic principles.  The problems are due to our elected officials making decisions that serve themselves and their special interests.  His opponent has a long history in elected office serving himself and his special interests.

Chris is now seeking to represent the 7th District in the Illinois House of Representatives.  It takes courage to stand up and fight for the people of our district and against the highly funded political establishment and their constant barrage of lies and false attacks.  But with your help, we can end the self-interest stranglehold on Illinois and send people of integrity like Chris Harris to Springfield and restore dignity to our great state.

Please join me in supporting Chris Harris and voting for him on March 15th to become our next State Representative. Thank you.

— Marty Tellalian, former Commissioner of Forest Park

One thought on “LETTERS: The Economic Winners And Losers of Legalized Gambling; State Rep. Campaign Viewpoints”

  1. Mr. Beals echoes my sentiments about the gambling “bistro” (bistro, my behind). 27% of Maywood’s residents are at poverty level or below and it is well known that those who may not have enough money to live on will consistently buy lottery tickets thinking they will hit the big one and be able to extricate themselves from their predicament. And it’s rather telling that this gambling parlor will only bring in $30-40K to the Village per year, if that much. It reminds me of Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the disgraced and disgraceful former head of Chicago Public Schools system that she had “tuition to pay and casinos to visit”, and took bribes and conspired to defraud CPS out of millions and millions of dollars. Yet, the trustees seem to be all for having this gambling facility, but turned down opportunities for a medical marijuana dispensary, an LNG filling station, and a Hinsdale Bank project on 1st and Lake, all of which would have brought MILLIONS of dollars into Maywood. The Trustees do NOT represent the best interests of the Village or its citizens – they never have, and they never will unless we Maywoodians vote them out of office.

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