LLOC Meeting Scheduled Tonight, Wed., March 23, 7 PM, (Agenda Packet Inside)

Maywood Flag

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 || By COMMUNITY EDITOR 

A Legal, License, Ordinance and Committee (LLOC) meeting is scheduled to take place tonight, Wednesday, March 23, 7 PM, at 125 S. 5th Ave. Among items to be discussed include (to access the full agenda packet, click here):

Village Manager’s Reports
1) Discussion and consideration regarding Mesirow Financial Insurance Services pursuant to the Village of Maywood 2016/2017 FY Property and Casualty Insurance Premiums.
Mesirow Financial Premium Summary Comparison – Final
2) Discussion and consideration regarding quote received from NuToys Leisure Products, Inc. for repair of the various public parks equipment throughout the Village of Maywood in the amount of $9,715.15. Included in the quote is the installation and removal cost of $4,800.00.  The total expenditure will be $14,515.15.
Repair Playground Equipment – PW Dept..pdf
nu Toys.pdf
3) A Status Report by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) regarding the OIG Program and Renewal of the OIG Program.
4) Discussion and consideration regarding an ordinance revising various sections of the Maywood Village Code regarding Tobacco Licensing and Enforcement, with a cover memorandum dated March 16, 2016 from Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd.
Item 3 tobacco.pdf
5) Discussion of Water Billing being in the Property Owner’s Name.
Owner’s Name on Water Bill.pdf
6) Discussion and consideration for the purchase of a used vehicle from Morelia Auto Sales, Inc. for $10,645 for the Police Department Investigative use and waive the bid process.  The Funding is from the 2015 Justice Administration Grant(JAG) program under Maywood Police Department award 2015-DJ-BX-0223.
Proposal 10 Use Police Car.pdf
7) Discussion and consideration to purchase two Panasonic Toughbook Computers at a cost of $7,230 for the Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Operations( Ambulance Crew) and waive the bid policy.
Fire Department Computers.pdf
8) Cook County Community Development Block Grant – 2016 Program Year Application – By Hancock Engineering
Norfleet – 2016 PY CDBG Project Memo.doc
Myers – 2015 PY CDBG Projects Memo No 2.doc
Myers – 2015 PY CDBG Projects Memo (2).doc
C. Village Attorney’s Reports

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