BREAKING: McKelvy Elected D209 School Board President


Friday, May 6, 2016 || By Michael Romain 

During a special meeting held tonight at Proviso Math and Science Academy, the District 209 Board of Education voted in board member Teresa McKelvy, (pictured), as school board president. McKelvy, who replaces former president Theresa Kelly, confirmed her selection in a May 6 Facebook post.

The vote came after a majority of the school board changed board policy to limit the term of the board president from two years to one year, angering many residents who thought the move was politically motivated.

Kelly — who was voted in as board president last year following an election that brought in two new members, Claudia Medina and Ned Wagner, to the board — was in the middle of her first term.

This had been Kelly’s second time as board president. She also served as board president in the early 2000s. Kelly is the longest-serving seated member of the school board. 

Although none of the four board members who voted to change the board policy in the middle of Kelly’s term provided a technical explanation for doing so, many complained of Kelly’s temperament and suitability for the position.

In her Facebook post announcing her election, McKelvy seemed to allude to those criticisms without directly mentioning Kelly.

“As one of seven board members, I will work with all board members to serve District 209 and I will allow the administration to run the district without any interference from me,” McKelvy wrote.

You can read her statement in full, in addition to a statement by board member Brian Cross (who was elected board secretary), below: VFP





3 thoughts on “BREAKING: McKelvy Elected D209 School Board President”

  1. I am completely shocked that Theresa Kelly was removed as the Board President! I thought she did a wonderful job of reforming the politics of the Proviso Township District 209 schools, and focus more on the students.

    Her accomplishments along with Claudia Media and Nathan “Ned” Wagner was finally installing the air conditioners in Proviso East when students are attending summer school.

    Re-hiring Proviso East Boys Varsity Basketball coach, Donnie Boyce.

    Hiring Dr. Patrick Hardy as the new principal of Proviso East. His leadership is definitely motivating the students at Proviso East, and I attended the Alumni Visioning Meeting and he brought refreshing ideas of how to improve the atmosphere at P.E.

    It just lets everyone know that the politics at Proviso Township District #209 is so ruthless, and it’s devastating that the communities are taking a zero tolerance for the students at Proviso East/West to improve the atmosphere, but we are taking “two steps forward, and four steps back!”

  2. Community Leaders you should be ashamed to let this happen to our kids. The politicians is playing with our kids future and the leaders refuse to stand up, but you can give a dog and pony show to use our kids for grant money. Ms. Kelly has been a true provider for the concern of our kids. She has supported the kids in every manner, during school events and outside of school events. The kids love her and will do anything for Ms. Kelly. The community support her efforts, because we know its coming from the heart. Ms. Kelly had fought for righteousness and the majority board members has allowed evil to continue to fester in our school district. The board has not mention this unapproved 7 million that has been spent on the repair of school fire damage, which cause the citizens higher taxes. Community Leaders gather your supporters and fight the real battle for our future, the kids suffering.

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