BRIEFLY: Broadview Approves $14M Budget

Broadview FY17 BudgetThursday, June 2, 2016 || By Michael Romain

During a May 23 meeting, the Village of Broadview’s Board of Trustees approved a FY 2017 budget totaling $13,960,109 in general fund revenue. The new budget is roughly 5.6 percent more than what was spent during the last fiscal year.

The village anticipates an increase of roughly 3 percent in property tax revenue for FY 2017 over FY 2016. The village anticipated a roughly 65 percent increase in revenue from intergovernmental transfers, such as the state income and replacement taxes; from $328,945 in FY 2016 to $541,667 in FY 2017.

This fiscal year’s budget passed with three votes, which represented a quorum, since one trustee was absent. Trustees Diane Little, John Ealey and Judy Brown-Marino voted in favor of the budget.

To view the authorized budget in its entirety, see below:

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