Al’s Drive-In Named Among ‘Chicago’s Best’

Saturday, August 19, 2017 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews

Elliott Bambrough, of WGN’s “Chicago’s Best,” was in Maywood recently to visit Al’s Drive-In, the venerable diner that, for over five decades, has been located at 80 Madison St., right across the street from Proviso East High School.

“This one is a first for me,” Bambrough said, of his visit to the popular local destination. “Not just on Madison, but in the combination of food.”

“You get Chinese and you get American,” says one patron during the taping of the episode, which aired this week. “Who can ask for anything more?”

Who can, indeed? Where else can you order “an Italian beef, a couple of eggs and cheese fries?” muses someone else. Watch the video below to see what Bambrough ordered. VFP

8 thoughts on “Al’s Drive-In Named Among ‘Chicago’s Best’”

  1. Oh cool! I love Al’s Drive-In! One of the best restaurants, not only in the village of Maywood, but all in the Proviso Township. I’m glad that they finally got their recognition.

  2. Als been around a long time, the man is chuck….he know your name and what year you graduated from East….super taco was originated there on pita with mild sauce or double cheeseburger soft bun, with melted cheese, large fries w/mild sauce, deep fried polish with relish, famous lemonade pink, sh…not surprise….go CHUCK

  3. Kudos to Al’s!!! Raised immediately around the corner & the food has been GREAT from day 1. Both the Super Taco & the fried rice is a hit amongst other things.

  4. Oh yea Al’s, heard about it when I was in eighth grade from my silbilings who were already attending Proviso East high school. Left Proviso in June of “75”, but Al’s never left me. Thanks for the memories.

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