Village People: Regina Thomas Dillard, Wellness Entrepreneur

Thursday, August 31, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Feature image: Regina Thomas Dillard | David Grace/Grace Boyz Productions 

Regina Dillard, a Maywood native who currently lives in Oak Park, was recently one of 10 small business owners and nonprofit leaders who won a portion of a $15,000 Giveaway by La Detra White, a well-known marketing consultant based in Atlanta, Ga.

Dillard said that at least 200 candidates from across the country pitched their business ideas to a panel of judges either in person or through video messages. The judges then selected the 10 winners.

During a phone interview, Dillard — who owns Inner + Sanctum Wellness, a health and wellness company — spoke about her winning idea.

I’m developing Living Body 360, a subscription-based website designed to provide support for subscribers through their wellness journey. The site will have tutorial videos and other informative features that will offer support for people who are seeking to improve their mind, body and soul. I’ll also advertise a detox product line, along with other supplementary products.

The site is currently in the development phase. I plan to go live by this November. So, we’re almost there, but not quite. I’m also developing a recipe book which I plan to launch by Christmas.

On her other focuses

Right now, I’m working with various farming communities in the Midwest, helping them develop farmer’s markets. I also teach on-site in gardens located in urban communities. I teach classes at the Perry Market District [an urban gardening community in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood].

I share recipes to support a healthy lifestyle. We focus on three top disease that affect us — heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. I often go to churches and other places to do talks about how people can integrate health into their diet and maximize religious fasts throughout the year.

For more info on Dillard, visit or email her at You can also see her in person at the Village Free Press’s Monthly Business Resource Reception on Wednesday, Sept. 20, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., at Riveredge Hospital, 8311 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Forest Park. VFP

5 thoughts on “Village People: Regina Thomas Dillard, Wellness Entrepreneur

  1. Keep up the good work, Ms. Regina. Love to see Maywood people do something positive. I remember you from 7th an legion. I know your hold family Marcy an Steph..Emerson natives. Glade to know you doing well.

  2. That’s outstanding news about Regina Thomas Dillard! A Proviso East graduate/alumni is doing wonderful things. Keep up the fantastic work!

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