Maywood Releases Fall Cleanup Schedule | Broadview Leaf Program Begins

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

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The village of Maywood and Republic Services will be picking up large, bulky household items and junk, in addition to smaller items (which must be placed in containers or tied and bundled), throughout October.

They won’t accept household hazardous waste. Please place your discarded items at your garbage pickup point on the Wednesday morning when Republic is in your neighborhood.

  • October 4 | Roosevelt north to I-290; 1st Ave. west to 25th Ave.
  • October 11 | I-290 north to Madison; Greenwood west to 21st Ave.
  • October 18 | Madison north to Railroad; 1st Ave. west to 21st Ave.
  • October 25 | Main Street north to village limits; Des Plaines west to 9th Ave.

Broadview begins leaf program

The village of Broadview has begun its leaf program, with each household in the village receiving 10 biodegradable bags for disposing leaves. Residents can purchase more bags if they need to. The free bags will be available for pickup at the village’s public works department, 2734 S. 9th Ave.

Residents are not required to have stickers for leaf bags and only leaves are to be placed in them (no branches or foreign objects). The bags should be placed on the parkway to be picked up by village personnel.

“Raking leaves, grass clipping, and other debris into the street is prohibited by the city ordinances,” according to Broadview’s website. “Doing such may clog inlets and prevent the flow of storm water into the sewer system. Raking yard waste into the street will result in a fine from the Village (Refer to Ordinance – Chapter 2 – Section 8-2-8).”

The leaf program ends on Nov. 30. For more information, call (708) 681-3602, or click here.

Bellwood’s guidelines for disposing yard wastes

“Yard waste pickup begins on the first Monday which is the first full week in April until the second Friday of December,” the village of Bellwood’s website states.

  • “Yard waste is picked up on the same day as your garbage pickup day.
  • “Residents should place a yard waste sticker on each bag. Do not use plastic bags for yard waste; only use biodegradable paper available at local home improvement and grocery stores. Do not place plastic bags inside paper bags.
  • “We DO NOT hand out biodegradable bags anymore.
  • “Yard waste stickers are available at the Village Hall Finance Dept. windows.
  • “Residents must have a current water bill when picking up stickers.
  • “Bellwood is offering 24 free yard waste stickers per address to residents for the year.
  • “Yard waste stickers will be honored from the first Monday of April through the second Friday of December.
  • “Yard waste bags can be filled with grass, leaves, flowers, weeds, plants, and small twigs.
  • “Yard waste should not be blown or deposited into the street at any time.“50.05 LEAVES AND GRASS CLIPPINGS.

(A)   Grass clippings, tree or brush trimmings.

(1)   No leaves, grass clippings or tree trimmings shall be deposited in any street or gutter, or upon any curb.”

Melrose Park’s guidelines for disposal of fall leaves

“Leaves must be raked and placed in a 30 gallon container with a Landscape Sticker,” the village of Melrose Park’s website notes. “Other landscaping, garden waste or additional leaves are to be placed in container with sticker or biodegradable bags.

“Leaves are NOT to be dumped or raked on the street or alley.  Pick-up for landscaping waste will be picked up on the Second Garbage Pick-Up of the Week.” VFP 

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