Two Men Charged After Allegedly Shooting at Maywood Police on Oct. 29

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Malik D. Henderson and Calvin D. Patterson. | Courtesy Maywood Police Department 

Two men are in custody and facing a range of charges after they got into a shootout with Maywood police officers, according to a report released by the Maywood Police Department on Nov. 1.

According to officers, Malik D. Henderson, 21, of Chicago, and Calvin D. Patterson, 19, of Maywood, were approached by officers on Sunday, Oct. 29, at around 4 p.m. while walking near 5th Ave. and Randolph.

The two men were reportedly being sought by police for an armed robbery that had happened earlier, police said. When officers approached the two men, Henderson allegedly pulled out a handgun from his waistband and fired it, missing the officers, before fleeing.

Henderson and Patterson were both later apprehended after a short chase. No one was reportedly injured, but police recovered a gun on the scene.

The two men, whose court hearing was on Nov. 1, were both charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, aggravated discharge of a weapon and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Police gave no word on their bond amount.

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9 thoughts on “Two Men Charged After Allegedly Shooting at Maywood Police on Oct. 29”

  1. This is very serious. I hope the officer is ok an is receiving some type of counseling. I saw this on facebook, where the kids was playing ball at the boys an girls club an came out, while the police was chasing the shooters. They say this happen early in the day an several other towns got involved. I’m glad the officers did not get hurt, the officers has a ruff job. I hope our young kids who witness this shooting get some counseling along with the officers. These young men are dangerous an the community need to do something, because its no respect for the police. I understand that crazy things take place with officers, but to not provide protection an support for our officers is not a community effort. We have all these mentoring groups but no one is dealing with the high risk young men. I remember when real officers was holding basketball leagues in the park, which was safe. The kids parents was involved, teachers would support the kids with after school programs, the police would take the kids on mentoring field trips. The community has change in all areas, which has became dangerous to our community. Prayer for our community….its ashame!

    1. Good comment, except for the part about teachers working after school programs. As a teacher, it is tiring how the community expects us to help raise these dysfunctional children. It is my job to teach and nothing more. I have a life and family of my own. Don’t commit me to stay after school to keep kids busy so that they don’t go out and commit crimes. The community wants teachers to go above and beyond our job, and then pay us very little for it.

      1. TIRED & FRUSTRATED: An excellent point there! Some parents think it’s the teachers’ job to raise their dysfunctional child. IT’S NOT! It starts at home! I can’t say it in an abstract way, but it’s straight forward. It’s the parents job to “parent” not be a child’s friend. But, have structure and guidance to the child.

    2. WATCH IT ALL: I totally agree with what you typed. Right now, it is a war between the police and residents like an “us vs. them” mentality. I am a firm believer in community policing, that residents and police officers work together in a cooperative manner to make their community better. You do have some police officers that think they’re above the law, and abuse their power. Some police officers are there for a check, and not building a relationship with the residents and community.

  2. Wow! This is insane! Major props to the Maywood Police Department for capturing the two perpetrators.

  3. According to the village free press in July another MPD officer was shot at, an they caught him in River Grove. The young shooter was also a Chicago native. The community need to support an protect our community an attend the court date an trial of these attempt murders cases against our police officers. These shooters from Chicago has a hate for officers, it appears. The community people need to attend court an look these guys in the face, to let them know we support our officers for protecting us. Pray for our community and the safety of our officers, an the village leaders who make the decisions for the safety of the community. The officers deserve to make it home to they love ones.

    1. WATCH IT ALL: But, also pray for the village of Maywood to take a “zero tolerance” towards gun violence and say we’re going to turn the perpetrator in to the police, if a person does wrong.

  4. The young man who did not shoot, received home arrest. The officers deserve more than home arrest, if a young man participated in such violent crimes. The community needs to follow up with these serious charges. The officers is chancing there lives everyday.

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