Maywood Authorizes $38K Settlement for Lawsuit Alleging Police Abuse

Thursday, November 2, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

During an Oct. 17 regular meeting, the Maywood Board of Trustees unanimously voted to authorize a payment of $38,000 to a man who filed a civil rights lawsuit against the village and two Maywood police officers last year.

According to court documents, the man, Daniel Jones, claims that on Aug. 18, 2015, Maywood Officers Flowers and Daniels, approached him outside of his house at 128 S. 20th Ave. in Maywood while he and his mother-in-law were arguing. In his complaint, Jones said that he called the police.

After Jones and one of the officers exchanged words, Jones claims that both officers, “without just cause or provocation,” threw him against a squad car and handcuffed him. He was then arrested, detained and later charged with disorderly conduct — a move that Jones claims the officers made to “cover for their actions.”

Jones said that his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights were violated and that the incident resulted in “emotional anxiety, fear, humiliation, monetary loss, pain and suffering” for him. The lawsuit contains one count of excessive force and one count of false arrest.

According to the settlement agreement, both officers have repeatedly denied Jones’ allegations and the agreement itself is not an admission of “fault, liability or wrongdoing” by any of the defendants. VFP 

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7 thoughts on “Maywood Authorizes $38K Settlement for Lawsuit Alleging Police Abuse”

  1. When is the village going to start fighting these lawsuits , because you know these thugs scream you violated my rights even tho they’re in the wrong ,
    I’m tired of seeing the taxpayers money go to waste for these low life criminals …..

  2. This activity must stop, and someone has to be held accountable. We giving village officials increase pay, but paying out large amount of settlements for violating citizens civil rights. The village lawyer telling the people the officers is not admitting guilt, but giving monies to the complantiff. We not stupid. According to the village free press, this is about the 7 settlement this year. The officers is going from misconduct to violating citizens civil rights. We need to hold someone accountable.

    1. MOSES: Or the residents of Maywood need to come as a group and attend the town hall meetings and voice their concern about the 7 settlement that the village have to pay from their tax dollars, and put pressure on the trustees, Mayor Edwenna Perkins, Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr., and Police Chief Vladmir Talley.

  3. I hope that the residents of Maywood come to the next town hall meeting in the Village Hall on 5th Ave. as a group, and voice their comment in the “Public Comment” section about the water bill crisis, and the police settlement that is coming from the residents’ tax dollars. There should be no excuses why you can’t come to the town hall meeting! Put pressure on the trustees, Mayor Edwenna Perkins, Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. and Chief Vladmir Talley. You can do it Maywood!

  4. The police department need 101 class in civil rights and liability courses. The village officials don’t make some changes, the village will go broke. The village has never been sued as much, until this adminstration took over. Wake up citizens our money is going to waste.

    1. MOSES: Someone did ask the mayoral candidates about reform in the Maywood Police Department that took place at the Maywood Public Library, and the candidates really didn’t have no straight forward answers. Very sad.

  5. If you look at the lawsuits often times it’s the same officer’s. The police union is preventing these officers from being fired. Until we can get rid of the repeat offender officers the Village is basically condoning their actions and should be made to pay every cent or get rid of the officers. If they are condoning these actions they are complicit in the actions. I feel the lawsuit awards should be higher as that will be the only way the village will start doing something about the rogue police officers. Like Babicz, Rielly,who names appear in several lawsuits but both have been promoted irregardless of how much money village has paid out for their actions.Either clean it up or pay out until they get message to change!

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