Former Maywood Home of Eugene Moore Could Become Local Landmark

Thursday, November 9, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || Updated: 11/10/17

Featured image: 1001 N. 2nd Ave. in Maywood, which could be a local landmark by the end of this month. | Redfin 

The former home of a prominent Maywood politician, and which is currently owned by a well-known high school basketball coach, is on its way to becoming a local landmark.

On Nov. 2, the village’s Historic Preservation Commission unanimously recommended that the Board of Trustees vote to designate 1001 N. 2nd Ave. in Maywood with the status.

The Prairie Style house was designed by John Van Bergen, who once worked for Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built at around 1922 by Edward and Noreen Vrizzola.

The architecturally significant home used to belong to the late Eugene “Gene” Moore, a lifelong Maywood resident who was the first African American to represent the 7th District in the Illinois House of Representatives and the Cook County Recorder of Deeds from 1999 until 2012.

Currently, it’s owned by Marshall High School girls varsity basketball coach Dorothy Gaters, a member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame and among the winningest basketball coaches in Illinois High School Association (IHSA) history.

“This is one of our very significant homes around here,” said Tom Kus, the Historic Preservation Commission’s chairman during a Nov. 7 regular meeting of the Maywood Board of Trustees.

Kus said that Gaters has “put a lot of money into improving this house.” If the board votes to approve the designation, the home would be the 24th structure designated a local landmark in Maywood. Seventeen Maywood homes are currently on the National Register of Historic Places, according to Kus.

Joshua Koonce, Maywood’s village planner, said that during the Nov. 2 public hearing held on the home, the Gaters and neighboring homeowners spoke about the property and the current efforts to enhance it.

“It’s a beautiful home, I have seen the exterior,” Koonce said, adding that the home, if designated a landmark, would be named after its first owners.

Kus added that the home’s assessor value dropped “quite a bit” after Moore left.

The local landmark designation, Kus said, will allow the current owner of the home to apply for a property tax freeze. The owner may also be eligible for “income tax credits for historically appropriate renovations,” according to the commission’s web page.

“No is being relieved of their taxes, they still pay taxes every year,” said Kus, responding to a expressed by Trustee Ron Rivers about whether or not the freeze allows the homeowner to avoid paying property taxes.

According to Landmarks Illinois, the nonprofit that advocates for historic structures, the tax freeze “gives the owner of a locally landmarked or National Register-listed historic home the opportunity to have the assessed valuation of the property frozen for eight years at its level the year a qualified renovation on the home takes place.”

“The eight-year tax relief freezes taxes to pay back for the homeowner’s investment in the property,” Kus said. “It more than pays for itself.”

The Board of Trustees is expected to vote on the landmark designation at its next regular meeting on Nov. 21. VFP



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4 thoughts on “Former Maywood Home of Eugene Moore Could Become Local Landmark”

  1. It really needs to be acknowledged that the current property owner and investor responsible for the historic restoration is the legendary Dorothy Gaters, winningest (more than 1000 wins) basketball coach in Illinois high school history! Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer and truly another treasure of Maywood.

    1. Why not “ Gene “ was a good and honerable man. Plus over the years I’ve enjoyed watching Dorthey prowl the side lines. ( what a body )

  2. Yes, we have two legendary people who lived in the home which is great. The home is lovely but in 1999 the home was sold for $500.000 and 2013 the home was resold at $190.000. The value now is worth $200.000 and the property taxes is over $15,000.00. I believe Ms. Gators can use a tax freeze for 8 years. Ms. Gators take good care of her property and she been a Maywood residence before she moved in this property, but lets find out why our property value is steady decreasing. The trustees should be focusing on that. We have to change our mind set and get back on focus concerning our economic value. We have a metra train comes thru our town, but we have no where for the people to park they vehicles, if the village use the old lot next to the library money can be generated for the village. The downtown area will not look so crowded, maybe the grant money will be used wisely in this next movement. We must secure our people around the ribbon cutting metra train station by applying a law enforcement presence, not the officers who is violating people civil rights for taking pictures. We don’t make our town attractive, because of the small minded thoughts of our management. We can’t honor ourselves and we have no economic strength or value in the village, such as big businesses or huge factory that employ a large amount of workers. Everyone can see potential in our village, but us. We need monies to build, and real level headed people to manage. The truth hurts, but it helps.

    1. Moses,
      One of the reasons, if not the reason the property lost value was because Gene Moore got caught up in the housing bubble like people all over the country.
      It was resold out of foreclosure, and typically those sales were for a lot less than the last and overinflated mortgage amount. It is surprising that it sold for as much as it did in 2013. Houses all over Maywood were and are being sold for prices significantly lower that when the foreclosure crisis hit the community.

      Yet, if you’ve been reading the paper Joseph Berrios and the Cook County Assessor’s Office is still overvaluing the properties in black areas like Maywood keeping property taxes higher, made worse by the Village increasing its levy.
      Next time the Township Assessor hold one of those workshops on how to appeal assessments, the people in Maywood should show-up in droves. As far as the levy, well, that’s up to the Village Board and administration.

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