New Maywood Travel Hoops Teams Harbor AAU Hopes

Friday, November 10, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Members of Team Maywood, a new traveling basketball team founded by Quinton “Danka” Beasley. | Photo submitted 

Three new Maywood traveling basketball teams started by Quinton “Danka” Beasley have hopes of breaking into the ranks of the Amateur Athletic Union, better known as AAU.

Beasley said that the three teams, collectively called Team Maywood, include three different categories of young people — those in 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, and 7th and 8th grades.

They started playing their first tournament games last month. Already, they’ve attracted a sponsorship from Jacob Pullen, a Proviso East basketball standout who recently signed a contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. Pullen donated the teams’ uniforms while a company called Lace Chicago, which was started by a Bellwood native, donated pairs of Lebron James gym shoes.

New Maywood travel teams_team pic 4

Members of Team Maywood, a new traveling basketball team founded by Quinton “Danka” Beasley. | Photo submitted 

“This is the first time we decided to do a travel team,” said Beasley, who founded a local basketball organization, called Dank’s Basketball League, which has grown to prominent in the last several years. Beasley has also sponsored a summer camp, among other initiatives that have turned him into something of a basketball ambassador for his hometown.

Beasley, himself a former Proviso East basketball standout, who played pro ball overseas before being injured, said that he formed the teams in order to provide opportunities to play in the winter for kids who may not have made their schools’ basketball teams.

New Maywood travel teams_team pic 2

Members of Team Maywood, a new traveling basketball team founded by Quinton “Danka” Beasley. | Photo submitted 

“A lot of my peers wanted to go ahead and try to do this for them,” Beasley said. “We want them to have the same enjoyment on the court as the kids who are playing on teams. We also added a tutoring component to this, because some of the kids didn’t make their school teams because of grades. So, along with playing ball, they’ll get help with homework.”

Beasley said that he hopes his teams can be playing AAU ball by the spring. In the meantime, they’re trying to raise funds in order to compete in non-AAU tournaments, such as one coming up in January that’s sponsored by the Chicago Bulls. Beasley said that he’s trying to raise around $4,000 total for the teams.

New Maywood travel teams_team pic 3

Members of Team Maywood, a new traveling basketball team founded by Quinton “Danka” Beasley. | Photo submitted 

In addition to the traveling teams, Beasley added, he and Willie Madison, the team’s coach, have formed a team that represents Maywood in the semi-pro American Basketball Association. It’s called the Maywood Conquerors and it’s comprised of former Proviso East players like Keith Carter and Rashad Alexander.

New Maywood travel teams pic_logo

The Conquerors’ first game is on Nov. 18, 5:30 p.m., at the Southland Center, 10 Southland Drive in Lynwood. Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door.

For more info on the teams or to inquire about giving a donation, call Beasley at (708) 506-2089. You can also donate on PayPal by sending the money to: VFP 

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  1. Good job Mr. Danka just stay true to your kids. I remember you when you was playing with a group called BADGE(ballance,approach, against,drug,elimination) and you an a group use to be with some police officers coaching you guys. They took you guys all around Chicago and won tournaments. You had a guy name Philip Perry who won a NIT championship while playing at Dayton. Another guy who was on your team a guy named Marcus Scott, who was a all American at Mineral Area College and also coached Mineral Area to they first national appearance. These guys stood out at PE and College, but our main Man Mr. Jacob Pullins who is giving back, we love you an appreciate everything you doing for our kids. I never forget your starship at PE shutin all top prospects down, Scheyer, J.Collins making PE history stay true…”32 minuets of hell.” We making history again with Sterlin Brown(Milwakee Bucks), Keith Carter(Valpo)runner up in NIT, and Javon Carter(West Virgina) defense team 3 years in a row. Keep it up Danka…this is love…dedicate to your boy J-will.

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