Proviso East Varsity Football Coach Let Go

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Former Proviso East varsity football coach DeWan White. | DeWan White/Facebook

Proviso East High School administrators recently decided not to renew the contract of head varsity football coach DeWan White, according to Proviso Township High Schools District 209 officials.

In a statement put out on Nov. 15, Cynthia Moreno, the district’s spokesperson, stated that “Proviso East will be hiring a new football coach and will ensure that the program is headed in a competitive direction.”

During an interview that day, White said that he had problems with a performance evaluation of his coaching job conducted by Brian Colbert, Proviso East’s assistant principal and athletic director.

“I don’t believe the evaluation was fair,” White said. “They don’t give coaches a chance. In my opinion, Coach David Odom [White’s predecessor] should never have been fired. How can you expect a coach to change a culture if you’re switching every two years?”

District officials are prohibited from discussing personnel matters.

White was hired as an at-will employee in July 2016, replacing former head varsity football coach David Odom, who had been in the position since 2014. White went winless over two seasons.

“We didn’t win any games my first and second year, but we scored 26 points my first year and this year we scored 80 points,” White said. VFP

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5 thoughts on “Proviso East Varsity Football Coach Let Go

  1. All I can say is that I wish Coach White all the best with his future endeavor. It’s very sad that the Proviso East varsity football team did not have a good season, two years in a row. Let’s hope for some fresh face that can help the players’ growth mindset, discipline, pride, and teach them about teamwork.

    1. Proviso East’s last competitive season was the 2008 – 2009 season. They’ve been switching coaches like crazy since the 2009 – 2010 season.

  2. I don’t believe the coach got a fair chance. There are many variables that a coach in that position and that community must over come. I’ve followed Coach White over the years and I’ve seen the impact he has had on players and on programs. It’s a shame when the politics of the game overshadow the passion of coaches that really care not only about the kids, but also about the community he is in. I’ve seen him really empower these young men to stand up in the face of adversity and not make excuses. Coach White is a great coach and will rebound soon.

  3. It’s really amusing how things are overlooked in Maywood. The Pop Warner football program is none existent in that community. Many of the kids are academically ineligible or either suspended from school and on top of that they lack discipline in their homes. What coach can fix all of those problems? If I were that Coach White I would’ve ran away from that job!
    Proviso East will have a new coach with the same problems!
    They will finish 0 and 9 in 2018, then what will the school leaders say….? And the same in 2019….. Oh, let me guess get a new coach again….SMH
    FIX the community then everything will fall in place. It just may Be to late for Maywood…. That’s why they built the MATH and SCIENCE ACADEMY🙄

    1. CAN’T PUT IT ALL ON THE COACH: I was very heartbroken and sadden that the Maywood BUCS little league football team was shutdown and replaced by the Proviso Township Bills football team. Maywood BUCS little league football team was a tradition that helped a lot of children in Maywood to keep them off the streets.

      I want to clarify that it is not the District #209 main problem that the Maywood BUCS program was shut down. It was the guys from the Maywood Park District that didn’t invest more into the program. When you state, “Fix the community, then everything will fail in place.” Q:) Have you ever attended the village town hall meeting that is located on 5th Ave., right above the Maywood Police Department headquarters every Tuesday, and voice your opinion during the “public comment section?” Did you vote this year in April 2017 during the mayoral election? All the complaining and typing up on this website, is not going to move the village of Maywood forward.

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