PMSA Among Places Caught Up In Wave of BB Gun Vandalism

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Forest Park and Oak Park are dealing with a months-long wave of BB gun vandalism, which also swept up Proviso Math and Science Academy, 8601 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Forest Park, according to a recent Forest Park Review article.

“In Forest Park, at least 10 incidents involving BB guns have been reported since June,” the paper noted. “In Oak Park, 13 incidents involving BB guns have been reported since mid-August.”

PMSA’s front window was hit by a BB gun on Aug. 20 while two more windows were hit on Aug. 21.

The article did not specify the extent of the damage to the school’s windows, but according to people whose businesses were also hit by BB gun shots, the damage can amount to a not so insignificant cost.

“Honestly I think they just do it at random, just to cost people money,” Amy Agopsowicz, a clerk at Kay’s Bakery in Forest Park, told Review reporters.

After Kay’s was hit in August, Agopsowicz estimated it cost more than $300 to replace the window that was struck,” the paper reported. “She said it took repair men about two hours to replace the pane.”

And in Oak Park, BB gun shooters “have caused an estimated $7,050 in damage in Oak Park, although the number is likely much higher since several of the police reports did not indicate estimated losses.” VFP 

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