Maywood Enacts New Regulations for Downtown Parking

Thursday, November 30, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

During a Nov. 21 regular meeting, the Maywood Board of Trustees voted unanimously to direct village staff to implement what village officials are calling phase one of a more comprehensive plan to rearrange how residents and commuters utilize parking spaces in the quarter-mile area around the Maywood Metra Station.

The village will remove all of the existing signage on two village-owned lots in the downtown area — one on 5th Ave. and Main St. and the other at 14 N. 5th Ave. (just south of the Stairway of the Stars dance studio).

The village will then install new signage identifying both lots, including signage designating 2-hour parking only and signage designating residential overnight parking. The residential overnight parking, in force from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., will require a village of Maywood permit.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 7.06.20 PM.png

A map of Maywood downtown area parking lots. | Village of Maywood 

According to a Nov. 21 memo prepared by Josh Koonce, the village’s planner, the goal of the new signage “is not to penalize anyone who currently uses the lot. Rather, the purpose of the proposed parking signage on the lots is twofold [sic].”

The first goal, Koonce wrote, is “to provide clarity as to who can use the lots and when. [The second goal is] to allow for movement of vehicles through the business district while placing value on the most easily accessible parking in the area.”

At the Nov. 21 meeting, Koonce said that downtown parking will still be free for the time being, although the village’s ultimate goal is to realize revenue from downtown parking.

“This is a small part of the parking [plan] in the business district,” he said. “I’d call it phase one. A larger plan would involve public involvement and interaction with business owners. But this is something we can do right now to make this area work better.”

Koonce said that a longer term goal for the comprehensive parking plan involves installing metered parking in the area near the Metra station.

“We need to get revenue,” said Trustee Ron Rivers at the Nov. 21 meeting. “We’re about the only municipality along the Metra corridor that doesn’t charge” … I’d like for us to get out of just free parking.” 

The board voted on Nov. 21 to direct the village attorney and staff to “prepare the necessary Maywood code amendment ordinance for new parking signage and village-owned lot regulations.” VFP

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6 thoughts on “Maywood Enacts New Regulations for Downtown Parking”

  1. For years Ive been saying certain areas in downtown Maywood should be metered. I’m not sure what it would cost the village to implement meters, but if planned well, with State/County support, hopefully it will pay for itself in short amount of time. This is a really good move.

  2. I hate to say it, but Maywood has very little to offer to visiters. I know people that take the train here because of the free parking. They also utilise the businesses in the area, such as Walgreens , McDonald’s and Maywood appliances since they are in the area. Maywood should focus on establishing businesses and attractions to stimulate our economy, once that is astablished, then charge!! Maywood is not downtown Elmhurst, far from it, but we can work in the direction of having a healthy economy stimulated by surrounding neighboring towns. Let’s look at the bigger picture, and not sweat the little stuff, like free parking, if that is the only thing bringing people in. I don’t know how Maywood residents feel, when not even food delivery want to come in to our town. Chinese restaurants, Jimmy John’s, none of them will deliver. They see us as taker, because that’s what we are! Like I said Maywood offers nothing, but will take the money for parking. Help Make Maywood express inviting, help bring any kind of businesses to the empty buildings. Get restaurants into the area, maybe a theater, find ways to bring farmers market atractions, maybe a flea market on weekends. Think out side the box, cause we are asleep at the wheel. Much love to all.

  3. I agree sico, we must think bigger than what we thinking. We have a community developer that is getting paid an has not bought any developing to the area, and stop saying 5th ave is our downtown area. If so build it up an clean it up, we have so much empty an vacant space. No one downtown area look like ours, people laugh at us when we say 5th ave is our downtown area, and we looking to put low income housing in our downtown area. We are being under sold, by small thinking. We looking into art housing with business under the apartment, we have that already at 5th and washington, which is not working. No town has more empty buildings or space in there downtown area like us. You must look from 5th Quincy to 5th lake, and count the empty business an space in lots with dirt rocks pile up, shameful. We steady bringing people in to our community an selling us dreams. I remember when the previous adminstration had fix the streets on 5th ave and the village bought out all the business Robinson towing, Ernies food/baber shop, and let pronto cleaners people open a grocery store with tiff money, nothing develope from that thinking. Lets hold people accountable and not be fooled again.great thinking sico. Love Maywood

    1. This is why residents in the Maywood community must attend the village town hall meetings at the Village Hall on 5th Ave., above the Maywood Police Department and voice their concern. All the typing on the “Post Comment” section on “The Village Free Press” website, is not going to solve anything and move the village of Maywood forward. It’s not that difficult to knock on your neighbor’s door, help spread the word about the next village hall meeting, and bring a coalition of people to put pressure on the trustees. I can’t say it more abstract. I am saying it forward!

  4. Sisco & Moses: Great comments from you both. Maywood has a horrible reputation and you’re right, no one will deliver food to Maywood and I don’t blame them. Delivery folks get attacked, robbed, or arrive and the person who orders won’t pay ’em. I’d damned well stay out of Maywood, too, if I had that happen. If we look at the past, we must learn from it, or we will repeat it! Look what happened with Henderson and the condo building that was supposed to go up next to Burger King on 1st…the Village paid the developer who had already defrauded other town of money on the same pretense, $80K a month while that damned sales trailer sat in the lot… the grocery store, another hole in the ground into which Henderson and the Trustees at that time poured money…

    So I would like to put this question to Sisco, Moses and Concerned: Let’s say we get a bunch of Maywoodians who feel like we do and we go down to the meetings on Tuesday, all together and DEMAND they do something, or STOP doing something (spending our money, making dumb decisions, the list goes on and on). Assuming they are NOT inclined to do anything, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO FORCE THEIR HAND(S)? I don’t think we can demand change without a way to guarantee we get it. I have this funny picture in my mind of the movie “Frankenstein” (the original with Boris Karloff) where the villagers so hate the Monster that they flood the town square carrying torches and weapons and demand the Monster’s death. Anyone got any Tiki torches?

    Hope to hear your ideas soon.

  5. Does anybody know the number of Metra riders that get on at Maywood? How many of them drive to and park there all day? It isn’t my impression that charging for parking is going to result in big revenue.
    How many people park there even for an hour? As all of you have noted there isn’t enough businesses to warrant meters. What the Board is going to charge parents taking their kids to Stairway to the Stars or the Arts Center?
    Go out to Elmhurst and the first THREE hours of parking is free, and that helps the businesses on Lake Street near the Metra station. Meanwhile Oak Park is considering getting rid of its one free hour of parking and charging for Sundays! Businesses are really mad. Maywood charging for parking is foolish, at least until the Board shows it will break even on the cost to implement payments.

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