Soft Lockdown at Proviso West Lifted

Thursday, November 30, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews  

A soft lockdown that was implemented at Proviso West High School in Hillside on the morning of Nov. 30 has been lifted, according to District 209 officials.

According to Hillside Police Sgt. Michael Reed, his department got a call at around 8:59 a.m., after a student discovered a bullet at the school.

“There was a bullet found downstairs in the locker room,” Reed said during a Nov. 30 phone interview.

“With further investigation, we discovered that a student had come forward and found the bullet yesterday and didn’t pick it up or report it to school officials,” he said. “This was brought to our attention today, which caused the soft lock down.”

Reed said that the lockdown lasted for roughly an hour and a half. No weapon was found, he added.

“The area was secured, the kids were secured in their classrooms, but classes continued,” Reed said. “The students who were in the area where the bullet was discovered were secured, checked and moved to another area.”

By 10:30 a.m., the lockdown was lifted. Reed said that police believes that this is an isolated incident. No further investigation is being conducted at this time, he said.

Cynthia Moreno, District 209’s spokesperson, said that the school sent out robocalls to parents and guardians on Thursday afternoon notifying them of the incident. VFP 

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One thought on “Soft Lockdown at Proviso West Lifted

  1. I’m glad that nothing happened at Proviso West High School. Kudos to the student who found the bullet, and brought it to the school’s attention. Another kudos to the Hillside police department for a job well done. Thank goodness that nobody didn’t get hurt or worse.

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