Maywood Sky-cam System Coming Back Online

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

The Maywood Police Department recently took steps to reactivate the 69 surveillance cameras once operated by Current Technology before the village ended its contract with the company after mounting complaints of poor maintenance and unresponsive service.

“We solicited our IT consultant to look into what used to be [Current’s cameras],” said Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley during a Nov. 21 regular board meeting.

Talley said that the consultant was able to get into the camera system, which had been inoperable since the village severed ties with Current, and look at 40 of the 69 cameras.

The consultant was able to reactivate 39 of the 40 cameras. Most of the reactivated cameras are in high-crime areas throughout the village, Talley said.

An additional four new cameras have been installed at the Metra train station on 5th Ave. and Main St. Talley said that there are 43 operable cameras in all.

Last December, the Board of Trustees approved a roughly $23,000 cost estimate for the installation of three battery-powered motion censored Verizon surveillance cameras in one of the village’s crime hotbeds — the 17th and Madison corridor.

The $23,000 Verizon cost estimate covered a 5-year contract for the new cameras, which the village would pay in $480 monthly installments. A one-time preliminary site survey would cost a maximum of $1,200. In addition, the village would pay $35 a month for wireless service.

During a phone interview last week, however, Talley said that those Verizon cameras haven’t been installed because the actual camera costs were higher than the costs included in the estimate.

Talley said that before Current left, the company replaced about 23 cameras from standard to high-definition. Those upgraded cameras are activated and “spread around the hot spot areas,” the chief said. The cameras that the IT consultant hasn’t been able to access, Talley said, are the older, standard definition cameras.

He said that the department will finish upgrading the surveillance camera system sometime in the coming months. VFP

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