Thirty Proviso Students Named State Scholars

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Who made the cut? Below are the names of students from Proviso Math & Science Academy and Proviso West who were recently named state scholars by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. No students from Proviso East were named.

Roughly the top 10 percent of graduates from approved high schools are named state scholars based in part on ACT and SAT standardized test scores.

Proviso Math and Science Academy 

  • Aceves, Jailine
  • Ayala, Paoly
  • Baca, Cesar
  • Buenrostro, Elena
  • Cuevas, Jocelyne
  • Dawson, John Michael
  • Greer, Cayla
  • Hernandez, Iyleah
  • Herring, Anthony
  • Johnson, Jeffrey
  • Kassar, Suha
  • Khan, Sadiya
  • Maxwell, Adrianna
  • Melchor, Eduardo
  • Oyetayo, Omolabake
  • Reda, Juliana
  • Rivas, Karen
  • Rivera, Estevan
  • Roby, Jalen
  • Rodriguez, Jocelyn
  • Salinas, Joshua
  • Stec, Gabriella
  • Zaragoza, Luis

Proviso West High School

  • Bodor, Amber
  • Branch, Jamal
  • Kwasniewski, Annette
  • Lopez, Estefany
  • Onofre, Tony
  • Ortega, Melissa
  • Rajput, Sonali

One thought on “Thirty Proviso Students Named State Scholars”

  1. Congratulations to the students at PMSA and Proviso West High School students being selected as state scholars. I hope and wish that the students at Proviso East High School was selected as state scholars.

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