Two Shot, One Fatally, Inside Maywood Grocery Store On Dec. 19

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || UPDATED: 12/20/17

Featured image: Maywood grocery, on the 1100 block of Madison St., in Maywood, where two people were found shot on Tuesday afternoon. | Google Earth 

One man is dead and a woman is in the hospital after a shooting inside of a Maywood grocery store during the early afternoon of Dec. 19, according to Maywood police.

Officers were dispatched at around 11:03 a.m. to Maywood Grocery, 1115 Madison St., in Maywood, where they discovered a man and a woman wounded inside of the establishment, according to police.

The victims were rushed to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, where the man was pronounced dead. The woman is still in the hospital, but police didn’t disclose her condition.

The victim was later identified by the Cook County medical examiner’s office as Anthony  Morris, 37, of Maywood.

According to an ABC 7 Eyewitness News report, the female victim was pregnant at the time of the shooting.

“Witnesses told Eyewitness News the incident began outside the store and one of the victims ran inside to escape gunfire,” the report adds. “The gunman shot the man and a pregnant woman, who witnesses said was in line to buy lottery tickets.”

Police said that an unknown suspect fled the scene of the crime in a vehicle whose make and model is also unknown.

“There’s no motive or gun information to report at this time,” police said in a statement released on Tuesday afternoon.

Anyone with any information about the incident should call Maywood Police at (708) 450-4441 or (708) 450-4471. VFP

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11 thoughts on “Two Shot, One Fatally, Inside Maywood Grocery Store On Dec. 19”

  1. This violence should be unacceptable. A gunman goes into a grocery store during the day light hours on a main street and kill someone. This area has been known for violence, where people has been shot recently. We have a daycare center across the street, where little kids attend. The little kids have been known to take a break around this time, thank God none of the kids got hurt. The area is known for gang and drug activity, no way should this area not been given extra patrol. The streets of Maywood is becoming unsafe, where someone has to be held liable for this unacceptable violence.

  2. Yes someone should be held accountable, and that is cheif of police val talley,i dont think he doing a goog job our city has gotten worse under his tenure.

    1. The police “respond” to community violence. The family/community must get involved to “prevent” violence. It initially starts in the home. Someone knows who pulled the trigger… Community/church/schools/park programs must be plentiful to give youth options other than dysfunctional behavior and encouragement to stay away from abuse of alcohol/drugs, gangs, guns, etc. Hatred of self and others is taught, so is respect for life, race pride, self-control, forgiveness. These and other values are taught early, beginning in the home and pre-school. They should be reinforced in the schools.

      For more on character development, see

      For more insight into the cause of community violence, see

      1. BARBARA D. COLE: Ms. Cole, I applaud you for typing this post. I have been saying this in the “Post Comment” section, that the reason why some youths are acting out of control is no parenting and discipline at home. I can’t say it more abstract, but…I am saying it straight-forward! It’s time for parents to be parents, not a child’s friend or buddy.

  3. All I can say is that I hope that the Maywood Police Department and the citizens of Maywood can collaborate and take a stand against gun violence. I hope that they find the perpetrator that did this horrible incident, and capture him. This is definitely a “norm” in the village of Maywood. We can complain and stated that it’s Governor Bruce Rauner’s fault, IL House Speaker Mike Madigan’s fault, Mayor Edwenna Perkins’ fault, and Maywood Police Chief Talley’s fault, but we have to be responsible or ourselves of not voting, and participating our community.

    1. I agree. You have to be held accountable for your own behavior. However, it makes a HUGE difference when everyone participates in voting. I’m a new resident to Maywood and I honestly can’t see where our tax dollars are going. I rarely see the police patrolling Maywood! Hell, I see Broadview police more than I see our own police! Which is one reason why crime has risen. I witnessed a car accident one evening as I looked out of my house window, it took MPD about 20mins to arrive to the location of the accident…that’s ridiculous! Thank God no one was hurt. But their salary comes from our tax dollars! Why? We all need to start showing up and showing out at our polls during elections.

      1. OPINIONATED ONE: I couldn’t agree more what you typed. I have been typing this “Post Comment” that the residents of Maywood need to attend the town hall meetings and do a “citizen’s comment” and put a lot of pressure on the trustees, Mayor Edwenna Perkins, and Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. It’s heartbreaking that during this year’s mayoral election that only 2,600 residents, out of the population of 15,000+ voted. That don’t make no sense! I’m tired of posting this comment, but it is up to the residents of Maywood if they want to see major changes in the village of Maywood. I am done!

  4. Yes! The Concerned Proviso Township Resident. There has to be something we as a community can do to get more people to show up at elections….Nothing is going to change until we CREATE A CHANGE. *Wake up people* it’s embarrassing! Look at the progress surrounding suburbs has made.

    1. OPINIONATED ONE: One thing for sure is that the residents of Maywood need to change their inferior mindset. Second, residents need to gather a group of people and go to the town hall meetings and voice their concern during the “public comment” section and put pressure on the trustees, Mayor Edwenna Perkins, and Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. Third, residents need to participate, learn, get involved and ask the hard questions of the candidates that are running. It’s up the the residents of Maywood, if they want to see changes. Like I said, we can complain and comment on the “Village Free Press” website, but that is not going to solve this problem. I am done!

  5. Once you follow the village free press, we have read who is accountable for this crime. The village officials who voted for the police contract that put lesser first responders on the streets to protect the citizens. The person got killed in the middle of the day, where over 10,000 people ride down the busy street of Madison during peak hours, an addition to the 10,000 citizens the village has count of 24,000 citizens who reside in town. Why would you vote to provide less protection for the citizens. The reason the village manager gave was to save money, so we rather save money than people lives. The store should have been out of commission for selling loose cancer sticks, but the store has been allowed to operate with violations. The village held a town hall meeting with politicians that same day, while the killing was taking place and no one ever discuss this issue. The politician was discussing car jacking where only 3 car jackings has taken place in town. We have more murders than car jackings, according to the village free press we have over 12 this year. The village manger was taking pictures of people entering the town hall meetings for unknown reasons, but know management authority move once that murder took place. People has place politics over lives, the Holy Spirit let you know when foolishness is in place….wake up people.

    1. MARK: Wow Mark! I applaud you for having the courage to type this up in the “Post Comment” section. I find this extremely disturbing, since I have been following the crimes that has been taken place in the village of Maywood. I want to give major props to “The Village Free Press” for covering this. This is why the residents of Maywood need to participant in their local elections! Research and educate yourself of the candidates that are running for positions, and attend the local election debate, and ask the hard questions, hold them accountable. It’s heartbreaking that this year’s April 2017 election, that 2,600 residents out of 15,000 voted for the mayoral election. IT’S UNACCEPTABLE!

      The politician that you’re talking about is Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin. He is not making no sense of what he is trying to do! He is “treating symptoms and not treating the root causes” of the violence epidemic in Maywood. Maywood is in critical condition and it’s going to take the residents to have to want to make changes. Like I stated in the “Post Comment” section: “We can complain and stated that it’s Governor Bruce Rauner’s fault, IL House Speaker Mike Madigan’s fault, Mayor Edwenna Perkins’ fault, and Maywood Police Chief Talley’s fault, but we have to be responsible or ourselves of not voting, and participating our community.” Meaning, we need to be at fault of ourselves.

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