Citing 2017 Murders, Maywood Chief Speaks Out Against Concealed Carry Bill

Sunday, December 24, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

So far this year, there have been 10 murders in Maywood, five more than took place in 2016, according to Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley.

The chief said that he believes pending federal gun legislation designed to make it easier to carry concealed firearms across state lines would only exacerbate the village’s violent crime problem.

“There’s no reason a town of 24,000 people should have 10 murders,” Talley said during a phone interview earlier this week in which he addressed the fatal shooting that took place inside Maywood Grocery, 1115 Madison St., on Dec. 19.

Anthony Morris, 37, of Maywood, was killed and a woman was wounded during the shooting, which happened at around 11:03 a.m., according to police. Talley said that the woman was with her 6-year-old son at the time.

“A 6-year-old was nearly shot,” Talley said. “Whoever did this should go to prison for a very long time.”

Talley said that detectives were canvassing the area, interviewing potential witnesses and checking surveillance footage from cameras near the crime scene. So far, he said, police have no one in custody and aren’t clear what the motive for the killing may have been.

Talley said that the proposed Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 231 to 198, could make shooting crimes like the one that happened on Dec. 19 even likelier occurrences.

Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, recently wrote in a column for The Hill that currently, “each state has its own rules about the legal requirements for who can carry concealed firearms and which carry permits, if any, they honor from other states.”

Under the new federally-mandated concealed carry reciprocity, Webster notes, states such as Illinois, which requires residents to obtain a concealed carry license from the State Police, “would be required to honor a permit granted by states such as Utah, which grants permits without discretion or safety tests, even to out-of-state residents.”

Webster adds that the “bill would allow residents from the 12 states where there are no requirements whatsoever for legal gun owners to carry concealed firearms to carry concealed guns in the other 38 states that normally require permits.”

Supporters of the bill argue that it protects the Constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners across state lines.

Opponents, like Webster, say that the legislation is a gift to the National Rifle Association despite the concerns of average citizens. According to a national survey conducted by the Center for Gun Policy and Research, 83 percent of gun owners support stronger safety standards for concealed carrying.

Talley, a member of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), said that he stands with the organization in opposing the proposed legislation.

According to a statement released by NOBLE on Dec. 19, if enacted into law, the legislation “has the potential to create several unintended consequences specific to vulnerable populations across this country.”

Clarence E. Cox, III, NOBLE’s national president, said that the “threats associated with the passage” of the law “are vast.”

“Allowing the concealed carry transport of firearms across state lines puts many women and young children in inherent danger as evidenced by the rise in domestic violence and partner abuse,” Cox said.

“Additionally, because concealed carry reciprocity creates a loophole that allows individuals to actively avoid criminal background checks (a typical necessity in obtaining a gun),” he added, “this legislation would potentially allow those unqualified to purchase guns an opportunity to do so.”

Now that the House has voted on the proposed law, it will go before the Senate for a vote.

The law would potentially allow “people to carry hidden guns in every state with no permit, no training, and no background checks,” Cox said.

Talley echoed Cox’s concerns and agreed with him that the law could unduly jeopardize the safety of officers and civilians.

“It undermines local public safety decisions and puts police officers at risk,” Cox said of the proposal.

“States attorneys across the country have also deemed the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act unconstitutional,” he said. “This legislation is wrought with greatly disturbing consequences and will only increase the amount of gun-related crimes across the country.”

According to Webster, research “shows that gun violence rates increase over time when laws regulating concealed gun carrying are substantially weakened.”

In their statement, NOBLE explained that the legislation would also be costly to state and local governments, since law enforcement departments would have to provide more training to teach officers “how to respond to out-of-state guests claiming a right to carry under the laws of distant states.

“There’s no national database of concealed carry permits like there is for driver’s licenses, so if Congress passed the legislation, states would be forced to create new and costly tools for police who encounter nonresidents with hidden guns,” according to NOBLE’s statement. “This cost would be monumental and outside of the budget of most local policing entities.” VFP

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4 thoughts on “Citing 2017 Murders, Maywood Chief Speaks Out Against Concealed Carry Bill”

  1. The citizens of Maywood is looking for some answers to the violence occurring in the streets. We are not concern with pending gun laws and quotes from politicians, who is trying to justify they points do to votes. We are loosing lives through gun violence and train/car accidents. We need to know, is our families safe living in Maywood, when you have shooting in the day light hours on the main streets it’s a real concern. We need to know the chief agenda to stopN crime. Citizens are being gun down and murdered, what is the village officials agenda. Yes, we see speed control devices on the side of the road to make people slow down, but it’s not working when people are dying in car and train accidents. We notice drug raids is being conducted, but murders is still happening. We see store fronts selling loose cancer sticks, but people is still getting shot in the day light ours. The streets has became unsafe and no one is addressing the serious issues, the young kids are dying and no one is arrested for there death. We need a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach to this violence, the vigils is getting old fast. The accountability must start now, before the violence continue to increase.

    1. RICK: I agree with what you typed. It is up to the residents of Maywood, if they want to stop the violence that is killing the youth. Residents of Maywood need to attend the village hall meetings and do a “Citizens Comment” to voice their concern, and put the pressure on the trustees, Mayor Perkins, and Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. on Maywood Police Chief Talley. It is almost becoming a norm and it’s accepted in Maywood.

  2. After reading this article, here is what I want to say in the “Post Comment” section. What Chief Talley is stating about the new law, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act will only make things worse in the village of Maywood. The state of Illinois does have strict gun laws! The problem in the village of Maywood is that there are no opportunities for residents to be successful.

    What’s going on in Maywood is the code of silence called “DON’T SNITCH” that is ravaging the streets, and neighbors are allowing the gang members to intimidate the residents of not reporting the crime to the Maywood Police Department. The residents of Maywood and the police department need to take a zero tolerance, and collaborate to bring the perpetrator to justice and say “enough is enough!”
    The residents of Maywood know who are the gang members, drug dealers, and etc. that is terrorizing the streets.

    I agree with Chief Talley that in a village that has 20,000 residents, there should be no reason that it has 10 homicides. But, I firmly believe that nothing stops a bullet than opportunity. Here is the Maywood Police Chief that I firmly read a survey poll from another local newspaper that he had the lowest. What I mean is that the Maywood Police Department don’t trust his leadership. That goes to my question for the trustees, Mayor Perkins, and Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. (What is going on? What are you doing by putting pressure on Chief Talley to regain the trust from the Maywood Police Department and the citizens of Maywood)

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