Sun-Times: ‘Melrose Park Brass Faced With Disciplining Relatives’

Saturday, December 30, 2017 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews 

Sam J. Pitassi, a Melrose Park police investigator and the son of Melrose Park Police Director Sam C. Pitassi.| Melrose Park Police Department

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on Dec. 23 that Melrose Park Police Director Sam C. Pitassi and Deputy Police Chief Michael Castellan are faced with disciplining people in the police department who are related to them.

Sam J. Pitassi, the 28-year-old son of Director Pitassi and a police investigator with the department “accidentally fired his gun while in a bathroom stall during a break from a training session in Skokie in the spring, records show — then, months later, accidentally crashed his squad car into another vehicle.”

And Giovanni Castellan, the 35-year-old nephew of Deputy Chief Castellan “was cited for disorderly conduct in Oak Brook, accused, while off-duty, of driving his car at a female pedestrian whose family had been involved in neighbor ‘disputes’ with his family over “a driveway easement,” according to police records,” the Sun-Times reports.

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One thought on “Sun-Times: ‘Melrose Park Brass Faced With Disciplining Relatives’”

  1. Well kudos for this making the media. I’m a Chicago Fire Captain who has been trying to get the media to pick up a story from related convolutedness in the Chicago police and fire departments. I was arrested after having a male caucasian reassigned. As a black, female captain of 27 years I was arrested in retaliation for having this Lt. reassigned. The Internal Affairs Divisions of both the Chicago fire and police departments have done nothing. So if you want a story, email me at

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