Two Wounded In Roosevelt Road Shooting

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Two men were wounded after a shooting that happened outside of a Maywood restaurant a little after 2 p.m. on Jan. 2, according to Maywood police.

“There were two men over by Poor Boy’s restaurant [101 Roosevelt Rd., in Maywood], who brandished weapons and started shooting at each other,” said Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley.

Talley said that both men sustained non-life threatening injuries and were taken to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, which is currently restricting access to visitors in order to prevent any retaliation.

Talley said that the identifications of the men will be released later on. The incident took place across the street from Proviso Math and Science Academy. Students at the school, however, are currently on winter break.

Talley said that he believes the incident is gang-related. As of 5 p.m., the scene of the crime had still been taped off and traffic in the area of First Avenue and Roosevelt Road was backed up as officers secured the scene for shell casings.

Tuesday’s incident was the first major shooting in Maywood in 2018. More as this story develops. VFP 

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11 thoughts on “Two Wounded In Roosevelt Road Shooting”

  1. 2018 just started and this shooting just occurred in the village of Maywood. When are residents are going to take a stance and go to the town hall meetings and address the issues in the “Citizens Comment” to put pressure on Mayor Perkins, Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. and Chief Talley to say “enough is enough!”

      1. LUCILLE: Of course, we can’t forget the trustees, Lucille. I thought I typed it, but…I lost my train of thought when finishing up the article about the gun shooting that took place at Poor Boy restaurant, across from Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy (PMSA).

  2. The police and nobody else cares about what happens in Maywood my son was shoot to death in Maywood July 4th 2016 his name was Marquis Marshall everybody know who did it but not saying anything so there for the police is not trying to do anything im very out ranged about this something needs to be did about all the unsolved Murders this people should not be allowed to keep taking people lives and just walking away.

    1. YOLANDA: I am so sorry to hear about your son, Marquis’ death, Yolanda. What is going on in the village of Maywood is the code of silence of “DON’T SNITCH!” that is a norm in the streets of Maywood. The neighbors need to take a stance and say “enough is enough,” if you do wrong…we’re going to turn your sorry behinds to the police.

      I have been typing in the “Post Comment” section that residents need to attend the next town hall meeting. Gather your neighbors and friends, and write down in your “citizens’ comment” and put a lot of pressure on Mayor Perkins, Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr., and Maywood Police Chief Talley. I don’t know when is Maywood going to finally “WAKE UP!” and take back their neighborhood streets, parks, schools, and etc.

      1. Need to start running drug test on the officer. I been living in maywood all my life and never seen anything like this.officer need to get to know the people that live jobs. Nothing for teenager to do. Even for the adult in the community. Love to volunteer.

  3. I was seeing Maywood in a new light before I read this article. This new year there was less gun fire around my area, and there was a fireworks display instead( by neighbors). Now I hear about a shooting the very next day, next to a high school that is propelling the finest youth in our town. Let’s ask the hard questions, what are we doing? What causes this to happen? Is it coltural? Is it poverty? Or just plain ignorance? If the police force is used, it’s police brutality? If no police is used it’s negligence?What would you like for the mayor and manager to do? Do you want stops and frisk in the village? Road blocks maybe? Maywood is so split on every issue ever mentioned. We want growth, but we don’t want big businesses using our streets. We complain about violence, but never call 911 at first sings of trouble. I have gone to many meetings, it’s like seeing teenages fighting over the TV remote. I have made my decision to widen my view and look for peace and happiness else where. It saddens me to do so, because my family roots are here since the mid 70s. There is a saying, ” if you are doing nothing to fix it, shut up and take it”. Much love to all.

    1. SISCO KID: I really want to applaud you for writing this on the “Post Comment.” This what happens when people don’t vote and participate in our democracy. It’s heartbreaking that last year in April 2017 that only 2,600 residents of of 20,000 voted during the mayoral election in Maywood. That is unacceptable!

      It’s very disturbing that it happened at the Poor Boy restaurant on 1st Ave. right across from Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy (PMSA) magnet high school. A lesson that needs to be learned is that it can happen anywhere!


  5. Well i hold them all accountable, the mayor ,trustees, especially val talley the police cheif this is his job to lead this department and make maywood safer. I feel things has been getting worse since his tenure, when we had cheif tim curry we had no murders for a whole year there is a disconnect with val talley his heart isnt into making Maywood better and you can tell.

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