D209 Beefs Up SAT Test Prep Offerings

Friday, January 5, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

The Proviso Township High Schools District 209 school board recently took steps to expand the range of SAT test prep services it offers students.

During a Dec. 12 regular board meeting, the school board voted unanimously to contract with Academic Approach, a Chicago-based test prep and tutoring company, to offer students SAT test prep programs after school and on Saturdays, and SAT strategy workshops for all juniors in the district.

The total cost of the additional programs is not to exceed $65,475. The additional services offered to Proviso East and Proviso West students will be paid for with Title I funds, while services offered to Proviso Math and Science Academy students will be paid for with local funds.

The district had already been offering a variety of test prep activities since the start of the school year in order to get students and teachers acclimated to the SAT. Spring 2017 marked the first time that all juniors attending Illinois public high schools were administered the SAT, as opposed to the ACT — which the state opted to replace in 2015.

District 209 officials said that students who participated in the spate of test prep offerings already on hand earlier this year — which included instructional resources offered through the free, online school, Khan Academy, along with various classroom activities — performed better on the official state SAT than on the practice test administered in January.

“The district average SAT total score increased by 60 points for participants compared to 15 points for non-participants,” according to a document provided by the district last month.

“Gains were also seen for participating students at each school, with East participants gaining 60 points compared to 32 for non-participants, West participants gaining 44 points compared to 24 for non-participants, and PMSA participants gaining 62 points compared to 55 for non-participants,” district officials explained.

D209 SAT scores.png

Data source: Cambridge SAT practice test scores; ISBE SIS SAT score | District 209 

District officials said that overall attendance rate for the already existing test prep programs was 70 percent—82 percent at East, 68 percent at West and 84 percent at PMSA.

Student-athletes at East and West, however, would occasionally leave after the first half of Saturday morning sessions in order to participate in sporting activities, officials explained.

The new test prep activities, which start this month, will allow participants to take part in test prep services both after school and on Saturdays. In order to participate, students need to apply and pay a small fee that will be refunded if they complete the program with at least a 90 percent attendance rate.

The SAT strategy workshops for all district juniors will be held shortly before the state SAT test is administered this spring. VFP 

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  1. Sad that you take our taxes are taken out but if we want to send our children to a private school that they cannot take advantage of these classes and we have to pay for other resources. The same for driver’s ed, pay a lot in property taxes but again have decided for educational purposes to send my children to private school and cannot take advantage of free driver’s ed but must pay for private lessons. As a single mother who works hard for her money very frustrating, if you live in Maywood and would be able to attend these public schools all resources should go to all resident’s children not if only they attend those schools.

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