Maywood Embarks On $65K Upgrade Of Metra Station Area Plan

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: A screenshot of the 2004 Transit Oriented Development plan, which RTA and Maywood officials will update starting this year. 

Last month, the Maywood Board of Trustees authorized a technical assistance agreement with the Regional Transportation Authority, which will start the process of updating a 13-year-old Transit Oriented Development (TOD) plan for the area within walking distance of the Maywood Metra Station, located on 5th Ave. and Main St.

“The focus of the planning effort will be along the 5th Avenue and Lake Street downtown business corridors within a quarter mile of the station and will explore ways to increase residential density and affordable housing near the station,” according to an RTA statement released last year.

The RTA announced in October that Maywood was one of nine municipalities that were selected to receive funding and technical assistance for projects that support local transit, help reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Last month, village officials revealed that the budget for the plan update is $65,000, with 95 percent, or $61,750, coming from the RTA and 5 percent, or $3,250, coming from the village.

The TOD plan is strictly conceptual and is designed to provide guidance for future development, similar to the village’s comprehensive plan.

The RTA, along with the village, Metra, Pace, consultants with HNTB Corporation and Applied Real Estate Analysis, Inc., and citizens collaborated over a decade ago to produce the Maywood Station Area Plan, which was released in 2004. You can read that plan here.

The project to update the plan is scheduled to begin by April. VFP 

Maywood RTA plan proximity.png

3 thoughts on “Maywood Embarks On $65K Upgrade Of Metra Station Area Plan”

  1. OMG What is $65,000 dollars going to do for the 5th Avenue, Train Track development? That wouldn’t even pay for the taxes if you decided to do anything. How bad does it have to get in this town before you decide to remove all administration?

  2. Small steps add up to big steps. A smaller step would be for the Village to get Metra to fix the leak in the new station. It’s been leaking for the past two months. Calls to Metra by passengers has not gotten them to respond much less fix the leak.

  3. Well, Janet, I’ve been wondering for that last 15 years WHY people get voted into office, seemingly forever…year after year…things get worse and I don’t hear any outrage from any but a few other people who post here or some other folks I know in the village and have personal contact with. I go to board meetings and there sit the village administration and trustees, looking like the stone faces on Easter Island. Almost all of them have no ability to understand what is going on let alone make decisions on behalf of the residents of Maywood. I honestly can’t stand more than about 40 minutes of the BS that comes out of their mouths. And updating a 13-year old plan is about as smart as trying to fly without wings. Disgusting, thoroughly disgusting!

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