Clark Likely To Make Ballot Against Davis In Democratic Primary

Monday, January 22, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Anthony Clark, right, with District 209 school board member Rodney Alexander in December. | Paul Goyette 

The Democratic Primary for the 7th Congressional District seat is shaping up to be a face-off between incumbent U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis and challenger Anthony Clark, an Oak Park high school teacher and community activist.

On Jan. 22, a hearing officer overruled a series of objections filed by Davis surrogates, Ricky Hendon and Cherita Logan, against Clark’s nomination papers and recommended that Clark’s name appear on the ballot for the March 20 Democratic Primary election.

A three-person Cook County electoral board was scheduled to make a final decision on the matter on Tuesday. Board members typically take up the hearing officer’s recommendations.

A third candidate in the race, Ahmed Salim — a regulatory compliance officer who lives in Chicago — was knocked off of the ballot after a hearing officer sustained objections made by Hendon and Logan that claimed that Salim didn’t have enough valid petition signatures.

During an interview on Jan. 22, Clark said that while he was relieved with the hearing officer’s decision, he conceded that he’s approaching the last leg of the primary handicapped somewhat after having to stave off what he described as the Davis team’s frivolous and undemocratic objections.

Hendon, a well-known Chicago political operative and former state lawmaker, and Logan, Davis’s district director, claimed that Clark’s campaign had obtained fake signatures and that Clark and his mother, Blanche, had engaged in fraud by claiming to have circulated petition sheets that were actually circulated by other people.

During the challenge process, which lasted roughly a month, Clark said, he had to round up people who been subpoenaed to appear at hearings to testify the validity of their signatures, and on Clark’s and his mother’s behalf.

After uncounted hours of labor and roughly $12,000 in legal fees, Clark said, his campaign was able to show that they had enough valid signatures for Clark to appear on the ballot. According to election documents, Clark showed that 1,841 of the 2,750 signatures he filed were valid — 485 greater than the 1,356 signatures needed to stay in the race.

“The time I spent fighting this challenge I could have been campaigning, going door-to-door talking with community members,” Clark said. “The objection process is too often manipulated and used by incumbents and people in power to maintain that power and to fight back against up-and-comers they feel threatened by.”

Clark also claimed that the Davis campaign has engaged in intimidation tactics, such as the time when someone claiming to be the congressman called Clark’s home urging him to drop out of the race.

He added that there have also been “fake Facebook accounts created by people posting under my campaign posts … it’s essentially cyber-bullying. I’m not a victim and I’m not fazed by this, but really?”

When reached by phone for comment on Monday evening, a Davis spokesperson said that the congressman was in Washington, D.C. working to end the shutdown of the federal government.

“It’s been disheartening to see how the machine operates, to the point where the public has essentially accepted it, saying this is just the way they operate,” Clark said. “This shouldn’t be how they operate.” VFP 

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7 thoughts on “Clark Likely To Make Ballot Against Davis In Democratic Primary”

  1. Well, I am so glad that Anthony V. Clark is officially on the ballot. It’s so heartbreaking and ridiculous that incumbent Danny K. Davis is using this bullying tactic to intimidate him. It just shows that he is in for a real tough competition! Danny K. Davis is an old school “Democratic political machine”. Your time is almost up, and it’s time for a breath of fresh air to represent the 7th Congressional District. Let’s go Anthony V. Clark!

  2. All I ask is that you do your homework and please, please vote for people who care about our towns. Maywood is a town that could be so much more. You just need to get out and vote.

    1. JANET: That’s so true, Janet. But, the residents not only in Maywood need to participate in their local election, but the Proviso Township needs to participate. When ordinary, working, and low-income families don’t participate, who will be filling that void? So, people need to educate, research, learn, and ask the hard questions about the candidates that are running for mayor, governor, alderman, and etc.

  3. I tip my hat to those reporters, and to the person who posted them here. No words need to be said to know that the public officials are doing wrong, their body language says it all. I would definitely not want them representing me. One of them clearly stated that he only represented some. He also was wearing a Malcolm X shirt as a facade, which shows how hypocritical he is. None of them came forward to challenge nore clarify the accusations. They are public officials, they can be filmed in any public domain, if they don’t know the simple rules, the question is what do they know? Are these the best people we have for the job? Where are the educated, rational, and critical thinkers? Thank you for pointing these videos. Much love to all.

    1. SISCO KID: Thank you. The person that posted the video of the secret meeting was me. I was on YouTube and typed “Danny K. Davis” on a unknown research topic, and came across the videos of his secret meeting with late Chicago Public Schools president, Michael Scott; Ricky Hendon who use to be the IL State Senator and company of Danny Davis; and former U.S. Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan. It’s very heartbreaking that self-serving politicians have the power to abuse it, and not represent what they are put in office.

      Once again, I thank Danny K. Davis for your service, but…it’s time for a new breath of fresh air to represent the 7th Congressional District. No more Democratic political machine!

  4. The concern proviso, since you have done your do diligence, can you share or better yet shine a light on the path you for see for our village. I’m the first to say that at times we put other things in front of our civil duty, and just don’t do the home work. Persistent people like you make us get back in the game. So please explain your personal veiw on who and how this village should move forward. What I see here is too many people posting problems and no solutions, you on the other hand have done both. If you can paint a brighter picture, please do so, and let’s start painting! Much love to you.

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