Maywood Native, NBA Rookie Sterling Brown Tasered By Police In Milwaukee

Friday, January 26, 2018 || By News Curator || @maywoodnews 

Multiple media outlets were reporting today, Jan. 26, that Maywood native and NBA rookie shooting guard Sterling Brown was arrested and Tasered by Milwaukee Police early Friday morning.

Per a report by WISN-AM, a Milwaukee radio station, the arrest allegedly resulted from a confrontation Sterling had with police officers over a parking ticket. The incident happened at around 2 a.m., Friday, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report.

The radio station reported that a law enforcement official told them that Brown was double parked “in two handicapped spaces at the Walgreen’s near S. 27th St. and W. National Ave.

“According to the source, Milwaukee Police officers were writing a parking ticket on Brown’s Mercedes when Brown confronted them and became combative. One of the officers then used his Taser on Brown and arrested him for resisting arrest.”

Brown — the younger brother of Maywood native, Proviso East basketball standout and NBA veteran Shannon brown — was himself a Proviso East standout before excelling at Southern Methodist University.

He was selected 46th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2017 NBA draft. According to reports, he made his first career start last weekend. VFP 

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3 thoughts on “Maywood Native, NBA Rookie Sterling Brown Tasered By Police In Milwaukee”

  1. Why is this news? Does he personally still live in Maywood and this happened in Wisconsin? Also, do you want to report that he was belligerent to the police? Why oh why is this news? Certainly doesn’t look very good for the NBA Rookie, sounds like he is now full of himself? He must be handicapped since he was parked in a handicapped parking area with his mercedes? He should be ashamed and I hope the Philadelphia 76ers can reign in this rookie before more excitement than just tasing happens.

    1. Ms. Janet you might need to read the article an do some research about the Maywood young man. He attended PMSA, because of academics, he earned a scholarship for basketball to attend southern methodist university and graduated, remember you have to have the grades before you can receive a scholarship. He won a championship at local grade school Lexington, he help take PE down state an place in the state of illinois. PE just took the kids on a field trip to watch him along with another PW pro player. Ms. Janet you sound real personal with your mention of the young man vehicle, but understand he bought that with his job money legally, if you grew up in Maywood you would know how to support your Maywoodian people thru good and bad times. He is a product of the community you live in, stay true to your community. He play for Milwaukee Bucks.

  2. The Question is, how a traffic ticket increase to a man receiving shock treatment, normally an officer just issue a person a parking ticket without applying physical harm. The next calculated move for the officer was to charge the young man with a additional charge to cover the officer actions. We have seen in many cases where the law enforcement agencies have been proven wrong in such cases, do to witness an law enforcement violating people civil rights.

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