Triton Approves Flat Tax Levy

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

During a meeting in December, the Triton College Board of Trustees approved a “tax levy which includes no increase over the previous year,” according to a statement college officials released on Feb. 6.

The tax levy is the amount of taxpayer money the Triton College District 504 intends to raise as the basis for its annual budget — in this case the budget for fiscal year 2019. In addition, a portion of the levy “will provide the college with a portion of the financial resources necessary to support the educational plan for the current fiscal year.”

According to the statement, the aggregate levy for 2017 “is estimated at $26,719,994 prior to the County Clerk extension process that includes a three-percent loss percentage.”

By law, Triton is allowed a levy increase consistent with the constant uptick in the consumer price index, which was 2.1 percent last year, along with an increase due to raising taxes on the construction of new properties.

In the statement, Triton College Board of Trustees Chairman Mark Stephens expressed satisfaction with the levy and thanked those who worked to help the measure pass.

“I am extremely proud of the entire Triton family,” he said, “who have worked cooperatively with members of the Board of Trustees to allow us to continue our history of fiscal responsibility while staying true to our mission of providing a student-centered, lifelong learning environment for our diverse community.”

According to the statement, the tax levy approval ” is the latest in a series of actions designed to allow Triton College to continue to serve as an important resource for the community, while limiting the burden to taxpayers.”

“During an unprecedented two-year state budget impasse which ended last summer, members of Triton’s leadership team worked to reduce expenditures including travel and meeting expenses, while avoiding the reduction of academic programs or the elimination of any teaching faculty positions.”

The college also administered Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant) even though, due to the state budget impasse, there was no guarantee of being reimbursed. The state typically funds MAP grants, which are designed to help low-income students afford college.

“Guiding students on a path to personal and professional success continues to be our top priority at Triton College,” said President Mary-Rita Moore in the statement.  “We strive to accomplish that goal by strategically allocating resources to allow them to have the greatest impact possible.” VFP 

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