After Rodent Complaints, Maywood Convenience Store Closes Then Reopens

Friday, February 9, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Art’s Food & Beverage in Maywood, which closed for a day before reopening due to rodent-related complaints. | VFP 

A Maywood convenience store is back open after it was briefly closed to undergo inspections and to treat a rodent problem.

Village code enforcement officials, along with officials with the Cook County Department of Public Health, began taking a closer look at Art’s Food & Beverage, 817 Roosevelt Rd., after residents began complaining about rats in the establishment.

What may have prompted the public outcry was a Facebook video, posted by someone on Jan. 20, which went viral, resulting in calls from residents for the store’s closure.

The video, which has since garnered more than 640 shares and 33,000 views, shows what appear to be rat or mice droppings near potato chip bags and an open bag of Cheetos that appears to have been bore into by rodents.

Some people commented on the post that young school children often frequent the store to purchase processed food.

Screenshots of a viral Facebook video taken on Jan. 20 of shelves inside of Art’s Food & Beverage that appear to hold rat droppings and chips torn by rodents. 

On Feb. 7, a spokesperson with the Cook County health department said that officials had, in fact, received complaints about the store and that the store was due for an inspection in the coming days.

David Myers, Maywood’s director of community development, said Friday that the store was closed on Feb. 5 before reopening the next day — but only after undergoing an investigation and an intense cleaning.

On Feb. 9, the offending shelves that held the apparent rodent droppings and an open bag of chips were scrubbed clean and no products were on them. The whole store smelled like bleach.


The shelves of Art’s Food & Beverage after undergoing cleaning. | VFP 

An employee inside of Art’s confirmed that the store was closed for a day for cleaning, but would not comment further. He said that the owner wasn’t in at the time.

So far it isn’t know whether or not the store was cited or fined. Myers said that this was the first time the village had gotten any complaints about Art’s. VFP 

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3 thoughts on “After Rodent Complaints, Maywood Convenience Store Closes Then Reopens

  1. Wow! I’m really surprised that the owner stated that it’s the first time that he has gotten complaints about Art’s Food & Beverages. Kudos to the person that posted the viral video on Facebook! I hope that the residents in Maywood came to the board meeting at the Village Hall and voice their concern to the trustees, Mayor Perkins, and Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr. Art’s Food & Beverages should be closed for good, because it’s the citizens of Maywood’s health.

  2. The ownership has change, under new management. This is why the liquor price has change. The previous owner always complain about the liquor licences permit. She use to come to the town meetings and complain, when they bigger liquor customers is from Hines during lunch hours. I’m glade the complaint was on social media, so it could be address right away. Arts is a store that service a lot of kids, who could’ve gotten sick. The health department need to check all the stores for health reasons, our citizens deserve this action. Good job code enforcement.

  3. One of the most obvious reasons Maywood has rats (and raccoons and opossums for that matter) is people leave their garbage in plastic bags rather than the garbage cans that are provided by our waste hauler. Animals are looking for food to survive, and a plastic trash bag is like an invitation to chow down. If people would become more responsible about putting their trash in closed lid containers, cleaning up their trashed back yards, and stop flinging stuff into the streets like food containers and soiled baby diapers, we’d have less of a problem with rats, raccoons and opossums. Come on, folks – clean up your trash.

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