Maywood Separates Top Position, Could Seek To Hire New Asst. Manager

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: David Myers, third from left (holding papers), after a meeting in Maywood two years ago. | File 

During a Feb. 6 regular board meeting, the Maywood Board of Trustees voted 6 to 0 in favor of an ordinance that separates the positions of assistant village manager and director of community development. Trustee Ron Rivers was absent from the meeting.

The vote reverses an ordinance established in 2013 that combined the two “at-will” positions into one. David Myers, the village employee who was hired that year and had been serving in the dual roles since they were combined, will now only function as director of community development.

During last week’s meeting, Maywood Village Manager Willie Norfleet, Jr., hinted that the village could be looking to hire an assistant village manager position in the future.

“There is a vacancy … which will be worked out,” he said. 

Village officials did not go into detail during the meeting about why the positions were being separated.

According to the language of the new ordinance, the organization change was made “to better serve the village residents, property owners, business owners and the public.”

A Jan. 31 memo drafted by village attorney Michael Jurusik notes that the assistant village manager’s duties “will no longer including supervising the Department of Community Development; however, per the direction of the village manager, the assistant village manager’s duties could include supervising one or more village departments.”

As of 2016, Myers’ salary while working in both positions was $101,910, according to the Better Government Association’s payroll database. Village officials did not discuss how Myers’ pay would be affected by the organizational change and how much was budgeted for the assistant village manager position.

Norfleet could not be reached for comment on Wednesday afternoon. VFP 

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4 thoughts on “Maywood Separates Top Position, Could Seek To Hire New Asst. Manager”

  1. You have to laugh at this. Let’s see who’s relative will be the Asst Manager. You have 3 more years of this group let’s see how more efficient (ha ha) they can be.. Of course Mr. Norfleet has no comment you will now be funding 2 people to do 1 job. Is Mr. Norfleet taking a pay cut?? Ha

  2. Why separate the two positions, without a solid reason. The village has not had any development in the community. The only purpose development is the apartment building project in the 800blk of 5th, which is crazy. The problem that is occurring deals with the department heads not being held accountable for falsifying information to the Maywood citizens. The Maywood citizens is being used by political ambition to inflate information to the public, using the village as a stage. The department heads give the residence information about the increase of money coming into their department but refuse to let the residence know how much of the percent comes to the village, which is the numbers. The village old billions of money for bonds, so the small amount of monies that is being generated from these departments is chump change. The village will never get out of dept with collecting low thousands of dollars by being used by other companies and the companies get 80% of the village earnings, while the village get 20%. The billions become further and further to reach, while other companies make a profit of the village. The taxes continue increasing and the citizens is continuing paying for the village mistakes.

    1. Combine all the problems that are talked about and how do we solve them? It’s very simple, to start with there’s a election coming up next year and we need to stop electing the same people from the polical party, you have 3 seats up we need 3 new trustees to start with. Until we get the big 4 out this village is not going nowhere, because, I’m being told on many occasions that the 4 votes are holding this village for there on personal gain. So citizens please wake up and let’s vote for change it can’t be any worser then what we have. LET’S GO AND VOTE FOR NEW CHANGE MAYWOOD!!!!

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