Bellwood Mayor Honored For Helping A Student Having A Seizure During East-West Game

Thursday, February 15, 2018 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Bellwood mayor Andre Harvey, who was honored during a Feb. 13 D209 meeting. | Screenshot 

During a regular meeting on Feb. 13, the Proviso Township High Schools District 209 school board honored Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey for his efforts to help a student who was having a seizure at a Proviso East vs. Proviso West basketball game on Feb. 3.

“We have this big incident happening, a student is on the floor, [Harvey] is there working with the student, we secured the perimeter to make sure everything is fine and we let him lead,” said D209 Supt. Jesse Rodriguez during Tuesday’s meeting. “He did it with passion, dedication and a strong commitment to service.”

Harvey said that he had noticed the student’s medical problems while he was leaving the game.

“I think, by faith, I happened to be leaving and at the time a young lady happened to be having a seizure,” Harvey said. “I was a firefighter for 26 years, so without hesitation, something came over me to help the young lady as much as I could.”

Harvey said that he stood by the student, administering medical aid, despite the efforts of some first responders to get him to leave.

“People were like, ‘Get out of here, you shouldn’t be down here,’ but I’m a firefighter and I was going to stay down there,” Harvey said, adding that he helped the student until the ambulance came to take her to a local hospital. She eventually recovered and was in good condition by the end of the night, he said.

Harvey said he was adamant to give credit where credit is due. Proviso East won the game 72 to 61, so the mayor came to the meeting in a Pirate blue suit.

“I’m so proud to have grown up in Proviso Township and to have been raised by Proviso township,” said Harvey, a graduate of Proviso West. “It takes an entire village to raise a kid.”VFP 

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