Police Confirm That Bellwood Officer, Wife Were Victims In CMU Shooting

Friday, March 2, 2018 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: James Eric Davis Sr. and Diva Jeneen Davis. | Facebook/Twitter (via Detroit Free Press) 

Central Michigan University police have confirmed that the victims of a fatal shooting that happened Friday morning on the college’s campus are James Eric Davis Sr. and Diva Jeneen Davis of Plainfield, Ill., according to an article in the Detroit Free Press.

The alleged suspect, the couple’s 19-year-old son, James Eric Jr., was still at large on Friday evening. Until recently, the identities of the victims had been widely reported but no official confirmation from law enforcement had been announced.

Davis Sr. was a Bellwood Police Officer who grew up in the village, according to Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey.

Since the shooting, the CMU campus has been on lockdown. Currently, more than 100 law enforcement officers from across Michigan are searching for Davis Jr., who was last seen leaving a residence hall on campus.

CMU Police Lt. Larry Klaus told reporters that his officers “have not had any police assets lay eyes on him, and we have not had any calls from people in the community saying they’ve seen him,” the Detroit Free Press reports.

So far, police are still investigating a motive for the murder. Per the Detroit Free Press report:

“CMU police had contact with the suspect Thursday night, Klaus said, explaining officers responded to complaints of a ‘difficult student’ in the residence hall. Davis was later taken to U-M Health Systems facility for a drug-related issue, Klaus said, correcting his earlier assertion that suspect had been at McLaren Hospital.

“Whether there was a mental health component that was in conjunction with that, we don’t know,” Klaus said, telling reporters there are ‘pieces of the puzzle’ police are still trying to put together as they investigate the suspected shooter and his motive.”

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  1. This incident is very sad, when has discipline came to the point to make our children want to kill they parents. My heart goes out to the family members, who lost there love ones. We have to save our kids from these drugs and unwise decision making. The guns also need to be ban from kids.

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