‘James Davis Touched Everybody’s Lives,’ Bellwood Mayor Says Of Slain Officer

Saturday, March 3, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

During a press conference on March 2, Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey remembered Bellwood police officer James Davis Sr. as a positive presence in the community whose tragic death has stunned those who knew him.

Davis Sr. and his wife, Diva Jeneen Davis, both of Plainfield, were the victims of a fatal shooting that happened March 2 on the campus of Central Michigan University. The suspected shooter, police believe, was their son, James Eric Davis Jr. — a 19-year-old CMU sophomore who graduated from Plainfield Central High School in 2016.

According to Central Michigan’s Emergency Communication, Davis Jr. was arrested without incident early Saturday after he was observed on a train that was traveling through campus around midnight.

More than 100 law enforcement officers from across Michigan had participated in the search for Davis Jr., who was last seen before his arrest leaving a residence hall on campus.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press, “CMU police had contact with the suspect Thursday night, [CMU Police Lt. Larry Klaus] said, explaining officers responded to complaints of a ‘difficult student’ in the residence hall. Davis was later taken to U-M Health Systems facility for a drug-related issue, Klaus said, correcting his earlier assertion that suspect had been at McLaren Hospital.

“Whether there was a mental health component that was in conjunction with that, we don’t know,” Klaus said, telling reporters there are ‘pieces of the puzzle’ police are still trying to put together as they investigate the suspected shooter and his motive.”

At Friday’s press conference, Bellwood Police Chief Jiminez Allen said that the Bellwood Police Department is cooperating with CMU police and the Michigan State Police during the investigation.


Bellwood police officer James Davis Sr. and his wife, Diva Jeneen Davis. | Facebook/Twitter (via Detroit Free Press). 

James Sr. was a military veteran who grew up in Bellwood and was a staple in the community. He served on the Bellwood Police Department for 20 years, said Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey.

“This has been one of the toughest days in Bellwood in many years,” Harvey said. “James touched everybody’s lives in Bellwood in a positive manner — the people he worked with along with the residents of Bellwood.”

Harvey said that the village is “supplying counseling to officers or anyone in the community who needs it.” The mayor added that he believed “it was mentioned” that James Sr. was going to CMU to “pick up his son,” possibly for CMU’s spring break, which started next week.

Harvey said that he would not comment on the allegations against James Jr., since the incident is still under investigation.

“It’s really tragic that we’ve lost James,” said Allen. “He was a close personal friend of mine as well as many officers in the police department.” VFP 

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