Proviso Clergy Invite Residents To Take Community Pride Survey

Sunday, March 4, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Bishop Reginald Saffo and members of his congregation near their Maywood church in 2015. | File 

Bishop Reginald Saffo, the chairman of the Proviso Township Ministerial Alliance Network (PTMAN), said in a recent interview that an online survey launched this year will enable the faith-based organization to “be more relevant to the community.”

The Community Pride Initiative survey is designed to “provide a centralized communication channel, with representatives from each community, to effectively enhance the education and well-being of each town via effective communication and collaboration,” according to PTMAN’s website.

Saffo said that the online survey “brings to bear an element of accountability to those in the community who are there to serve in any capacity.”

The religious leader added that once residents complete the survey, PTMAN members will analyze and relay the feedback to the appropriate organizations.

For instance, if residents have concerns about schools, the organization will relay that feedback to local school district administrators.

“This won’t be effective unless the community utilizes it,” Saffo said. “This isn’t to be used as a sledgehammer or to cast blame and throw stones, but as a useful tool. If it turns out that the feedback is positive and everything is great, we’ll report and acknowledge that as well.”

Explaining the survey’s origin, Saffo said that the “Lord inspired me to be a little more aggressive about tying the community’s concerns to a matrix that would allow transformation or at least get some kind of answers to systemic issues,” he said.

“There’s a whole lot of talking but not a lot being done,” Saffo said. “We want to establish a reputation as an organization that gets things done.” VFP 

To take the survey, click here

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