Falcon Fuel Serving 60-Day Tobacco License Suspension

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Falcon Fuel in Maywood. | Google Earth 

Falcon Fuel, located at 201 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Maywood, won’t be selling any tobacco products for a while after it agreed to serve a 60-day suspension of its tobacco license that started on March 5.

Last July, the village found the business liable for three violations of the Village Tobacco Code, which prohibits the sale of loose cigarettes and drug paraphernalia in the form of plastic baggies. Falcon paid out $4,000 in fines for those violations, village officials noted.

And in December, the village cited Falcon for selling cigarettes that did not contain a Cook County stamp. Village officials notified the owners of Falcon that they were prepared to suspend its license due to those four violations and was about to bring the matter to hearing before Mayor Edwenna Perkins.

Before the hearing, however, Falcon agreed to voluntarily suspend its tobacco license for 60 days and pay a $1,500 fine to the village.

During a regular meeting on March 6, village officials told members of the Board of Trustees that if the business is caught in violation again, they would seek to revoke Falcon’s business license.

If that happened, it would be the second time that the village has revoked Falcon’s license. In 2016, village officials revoked the license of the previous owner of Falcon Fuel after that person was found to have violated the Village Tobacco Code numerous times.

“The business was sold to a new owner, known as ‘Falcon on Roosevelt, Inc.,'” according to a Fe. 28 village memo. VFP 

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4 thoughts on “Falcon Fuel Serving 60-Day Tobacco License Suspension”

  1. They are paying a $1500 fine to the village. What about the parents and the youth they have sold tobacco products to?

  2. They are paying a $1500 fine to the village. What about the parents and the youth they have sold tobacco products to?

  3. I think the village of Maywood needs to shut down the Falcon Fuel gas station, because this is unacceptable to the residents and the taxpaying citizens that live here.

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