More Than 1K Properties In Proviso On County’s Delinquent Property List

Sunday, March 11, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

The Cook County treasurer’s office recently released a list of properties with delinquent property taxes. Interested investors will have an opportunity to buy those unpaid taxes from property owners at an auction in May.

This weekend, a partial list of those delinquent properties, which the treasurer’s office pegs at more than 52,000, was released in major area newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times. A partial listing for Proviso Township was published in the March 7, 2018 print edition of Village Free Press.

“More than $186 million in taxes went unpaid a year ago by owners of residential and commercial properties and lots,” the Sun-Times notes, citing the treasurer’s office.

According to the Sun-Times, Pappas “says fewer properties — amounting to $66 million less in taxes — are expected to be included in the delinquent-tax sale this year than a year ago ‘because of the tremendous outreach. We’ve located owners, and they’ve come forward.'”

Interested investors can register to purchase delinquent properties at the auction by registering, between March 10 and April 24, at They can also call the treasurer’s toll-free number at (877) 361-7325. The auction will take place from May 4 to May 9.

According to an analysis of unpaid properties within the Village Free Press target market, Maywood had more tax-delinquent residential and commercial properties included in this year’s list than Bellwood, Broadview and Melrose Park combined.

The village’s 380 tax-delinquent residential and commercial/industrial properties comprised more than three-fourths the total number of tax-delinquent properties in Proviso Township.

In Maywood, those 380 properties amounted to around $1.9 million in unpaid taxes, 33 percent of that due to commercial/industrial delinquent properties. Maywood, however, had the lowest average amount of unpaid taxes owed on each of its delinquent properties.

Melrose Park’s 69 tax-delinquent properties averaged $9,032 in unpaid taxes, the highest among the four municipalities in this publication’s immediate coverage area.

Meanwhile, Bellwood’s 19 tax-delinquent commercial properties (excluding residential) averaged $45,597 in unpaid taxes, the highest among the four municipalities.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 2.37.47 PM.png

A chart detailing the tax-delinquent properties in municipalities within Proviso Township. | VFP 

Below is a list of properties in Bellwood, Broadview, Maywood and Melrose Park with the largest unpaid tax bills. All of them are commercial/industrial properties.


  • 15-15-102-025-0000 | $223,086 | 815 S. 25th Ave. in Bellwood (lower right) 
  • 15-10-316-040-0000 | $120,125 | 629 S. 25th Ave. in Bellwood (not pictured) 
  • 15-08-415-028-0000 | $161,978 | 504 Mannheim Rd. in Bellwood (upper right)*
  • 15-09-300-017-0000 | $61,450 | 409 Mannheim Rd. in Bellwood (left) 

 This is a cumulative total from 2014, 2015 and 2016, with each year averaging $53,993. 




  • 15-22-102-010-0000 | $42,831 | 2200 Roosevelt Rd. in Broadview

2200 W Roosevelt Road in Broadview


  • 15-15-102-034-0000 | $99,671 | 1900 Maywood Dr. in Maywood (right)
  • 15-14-105-002-0000 | $53,544 | 318 Madison St. in Maywood (bottom left) 
  • 15-10-118-041-0000 | $42,638 | 62 S. 19th Ave. in Maywood (upper left) 



Melrose Park

  • 15-09-201-020-0000 | $228,058 | 110 N. 25th Ave. in Melrose Park


Read the full “Tax Year 2016 Delinquent Property List (as of March 1, 2018)” below: 

Here’s a condensed listing of the roughly 1,000 delinquent properties in Proviso Township:

Below is the Cook County treasurer’s guide to avoiding the May tax sale:

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2 thoughts on “More Than 1K Properties In Proviso On County’s Delinquent Property List”

  1. Point of clarification; the tax sale doesn’t mean you bought the property. A successful bidder at the County’s tax sale only acquires the Tax Sale Certificate to the property, after which starts the arduous two-or-more year legal process to obtain the deed. That process includes giving the current property owner the right to redeem the parcels by paying-off the delinquent taxes, plus interest and additional penalties.
    Buyers should be even more wary of purchasing the tax sale certificates from the successful bidders.

  2. Gizmo – thanks for pointing out you just don’t get ownership of a property if you pay the taxes. Buying delinquent taxes is a gamble…you may have to wait 5 or more years to take possession of a property after you pay the tax on it. This is not a gamble the average person with an average income (like me) would want to take on.

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